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The wereslut is an enemy which has many variations, the normal wereslut which can be found mostly in the starting areas, the feral wereslut starts appearing after the monster town and finally the friendly wereslut which appears in the mossy expanse. The wereslut is a particularly important enemy given the player wants to complete the brothel quest line so it's recommended to start this quest as early as possible. 

  • Average length:
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Given the wereslut has many variations the encounters and the way to approach them will differ. The normal wereslut will mostly appear in the starting area and around monster town, when approaching one the player will be presented with an scouting check (wether he is aware of the area) if failed the player will go straight to combat but if the player passes it the choice to sneak attack or walk away will be given. Once beaten if the player has 8 or more strenght, the wereslut will be aroused and fuck the player regardless and add the "perk" bitch (given the player loses to a wereslut having 3 stacks of it will get a bad ending, but you at least get an achievement).

The feral wereslut will start appearing when approaching the mossy expanse, this enemy when encountered will give the player the options of "ass up face down" or to fight. This enemy will hit harder and when aroused will try harder to fuck the player. Note that the brothel quest line will not account the feral wereslut as a normal one so the quest cannot be completed with one.

Lastly the friendly wereslut starts appearing around the mossy expanse and onwards. This encounter rather than to fight is to give the player the choice to mate with it or not.

Brothel quest line:[]

-For the first one you got to fight against a wereslut.

-For the second one you have to get knotted anally or orally

-Then you have to go to the manor in the moster town after defeating the warlock.

-Get knotted once again (only anally but this time you can send trudy deal with it)

-Report one last time to the maddame only to find out she has added lupa (a wereslut) to the brothel.

Picture Grid (Wereslut)[]


- Encounter in forest

Knot(x-ray) Cum(x-ray)

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