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The Wasps are individualistic large (for an insect) creatures. Hiro encounters female form that has a fertilizing liquid collected from other males and the eggs she wants to put inside of him. The Wasp despises humans and sees them as convenient eggsacks.


First type of encounter in the Mossy Expanse begins with a scouting check. If it's passed, Hiro meets a woman who is pregnant with wasps, and witnesses creepy birth giving (+3 XP).

No matter did you pass the check and decided to help, the Wasp is confronting you on her territory. With low purity/catamete perk you can just store her worst available semen in Hiro's mouth, ending the encounter.

In a fight Wasp will use Fly-Aerial Attack, then go for other skills. If you arouse her to go Full Nelson, and lose (she's strong enough) you'll end up with her ovipositor and its contents right there, and her good quality fertilizing liquid in the mouth. Same for losing in a battle. Eggs are given birth in the overworld after some time.

Another type of encounter named Wasp Nupital Area is available after the Wastelands. The only changes are there's no woman met, and the Wasp only offers you egging. You still can satisfy her with the mouth in battle.

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Normal Oviposition