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"A warlock of considerable power - little else about her is known, other than she has a habit of toying with men." "They vastly prefer feminine boys and using magic during sex."


If you do get her however you can also figure out that her real name is Alma. You will meet her if you enter the manor in Monsters. There you have to make sure to not get paralyzed by her. Having good Perception and Willpower left will help. If you manage to inntiate a battle with her and win you get several options what to do with her. One of them is to make her your companion, but to choose this option you will need a charisma of 8. If you choose this option, she will consider it for a bit and then accept. She can then be found at the camp.


After she becomes your companion you can go through her portal in your camp. There you can do several different things with her

  • You can ask her if she needs anything, giving you a selection of various different sex scenes to choose from.
  • You can make a request of her causing either different sex scenes or gaining fire resistence if you choose a boon. Choosing the boon will also play a sex scene however.
  • You can also ask to be trained. Be careful. Some of the options can cause a game over or make you impotent, making you unable to do any of the scenes that require a free cock.

Picture Grind[]


-First encounter

Anal Anal (Casting)
Anal (Sweat) Anal (Cum) Anal (Naked)
Anal (Naked/Casting) Anal (Naked/Cum) Oral