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A warlock of considerable power - little else about her is known, other than she has a habit of toying with men.

They vastly prefer feminine boys and using magic during sex.

The Warlock, whose real name is Alma, is a gothic beauty and a powerful magician, not as dangerous in battle as she's fearsome when you're dragged into her bed. As expected from a warlock, Alma is a bit cruel, but in a way that her victims won't leave not content with it. She occupies the abandoned Manor in an uninhabited part of the Town of Monsters, where she's experimenting with the dark arts. Alma can become a playable character's companion, but he has to become a real slut in turn to get her help. She seems to prefer feminine partners and takes much pleasure in embarrassing them.


To find her, ignore warnings, and enter the Manor in the Town of Monsters. There will be a door, which you can bring down with either Strength 6 or Magic 4. That grants you three scrolls[1] and a soul crystal. You can also read about Cultists.

After that you have a choice:

  • If you choose to Enter:
    • You need Willpower to initiate the (pretty easy) battle.
    • With Willpower and Magic 6 you can use a suggestion spell on her, and you have an option to pound her. After that with Charisma 8 you can recruit her.
    • If failing, she puts a mind controling spell on you and will take you in her bed, so you get the choice of how she trains you (for details see Training below).
    • Same outcome is for being defeated.
  • If you choose to Wait, you'll explore a room for a bit. You need to pass a Perception 6 check, or have boots to not slip on something. You can read her diary.[2] Also you can check the drawer to get a soul crystal, but if you don't wear any gauntlet, you're going to get damage. Finally, you need the Perception 5 to spot her casting a spell, or Willpower to resist it and start the battle.

If you manage to win the battle, you get a bunch of options for what to do with her:

  • Tell her to join you — requires Charisma 8. She'll also gift you with some gold and soul crystals.
  • Get on “top”. You seduce her with blowing her and riding her. After that she joins you.
  • Tell her to leave and never show up again — she does that, giving up some gold as the sign of defeat. If you return to her Manor, you'll be able to read her diary again.

Training in obedience[]

You can be trained to be her toy. In fact, this can be done without making her your companion, just by losing to her. In this case you will get to choose the training (to love it from behind, to love her front, to be a girl), but only once. You can then re-enter her Manor and let her have more fun with you.

If you've chosen the second option, in the Manor after a bit of worshipping to her shaft she decides to go for the backside instead. You fall asleep with her inside. Then it's the following choice:

  • Wake her (words)
  • Wake her (action)
  • Wait it out
  • Use it for... things... She won't wake up then.

If she joined your camp, the very same choice of training is always available:

  • To love getting assfucked, which if you have 3 or more levels in Anal Addict perk will result in a mindbreak and a Game Over.
  • To love sucking cocks, just a big loss of Purity and Dignity.
  • To be a girl, which results in getting the Impotent perk (never get erect anymore, like a permanent chastity cage).
    • After you've done this one, you can visit the Town Square in Silajam now and have an option to start a date[3].

In the camp you can also Just chat with Alma, and if you have a penis any size other than the tiniest possible, she will propose to shrink it. If you accept her invitation, she will inscribe runes... behind your prostate to make it tiny permanently. You can however just refuse.

Her desires[]

In the camp, after she joins you, you can Ask her if she needs anything, giving you a selection of various scenes where she's using her imagination and you for fulfillment of all the dark desires of hers. And her magic, of course, able to command every inch of Hiro's body.

  • Suck her cock: start working your head.
    • Paralysis: let her cast a paralysing spell and then use your mouth like a toy while you can't do anything about it.
    • ...: you don't say anything, and let her pass throught different fantasms of her creation, that will drive you to doubling your efforts.
  • Eat the puffy ass of a magician used to indulging herself, which has a level of its own.
    • If you don't pass the check in Ass Eater 2, she won't be satisfied and will make the character stroke her to take him from behind then.
    • If your skill was sufficient, she will compliment the MC on his talent, with the sticky proof of satisfaction, too.
  • Play with paralysis, a scene where the MC gets vicious punding flat while not being able to move.
  • Play with suggestion, a scene where the MC gets the craving put in his mind for having his rear used and making the magician pole shiny.
  • Invite some friends: meaning buff demons from the dark realm. They encircle MC, while Alma is watching very carefully.
    • He can suck them, spending a long time giving pleasure to a crowd of demon males and drinking their loads. Get ready for multiple red perks coming.
    • He can just sit on the bed in girly clothes, close his eyes and look cute. Hot reward coming soon.
  • Just chat: see Training.

Your requests[]

You can make a specific request of her:

  • No magic: a scene where the Warlock (Alma) isn't using magic to give MC's ass her attention. Slowly and thoroughly.
  • Magic reversal (requires Magic 5 and usable member). She's willing to try something new, and casts the spell of suggestion that Hiro will reflect back. That makes her want him badly, but this time as man. And the way he makes her commit all her weaknesses raises the question: at what extent the spell really bent her own will?
  • A boon: you get a Fire Resistant perk, but she insists on you receiving the spell from behind.
  • Teach portal magic (Magic 4 required). This will start a pretty long Warlock's questline. See the Quest section.
  • Help a friend: for Trudy's quest.
  • Just chat: see Training.


If you make a request of her to teach you portal magic, having a Magic 4, Alma will answer it's actually possible to create the portal to return “home”, but she wants to teach Hiro this magic on practice. Unbeknownst to him, she's placing a portal to the entrance of the MC's anus. And the way the very thought of using it makes her kiss his lips and tremble in arousal says a lot about its cause. She suggests Hiro going to crowded places, or talking to somebody on whom he would want to leave a good impression.

After that when resting on moving on the map, there will occasionally be a message that MC's butt was used. There's also a number of places where a semi-random encounter with Alma may happen now: they only happen during the certain encounters; they are repeatable, but there's a cooldown of 1-2 in-game days.

Each time you get one of quest scenes, it's +10 Affection with her... but she will invade MC's backdoor when he wants it less, and pump it full. Probably when Affection is around 110, if you talk to her about portal magic enough times, she finally creates a one-way portal to Silajam from camp. She won't stop having her fun though. The list of available scenes is down below:

  • Enter the General store in Silajam, and Alma will violate you in front of Shopkeep, then drop the magically enormous amounts of seed.
  • Enter the Town Square (maybe Eavesdrop), same result.
  • Meet the Brigand on the first map, but fail the scouting check. While Alma is distracting you, Brigand will use her chance to join.
  • Enter the tavern (Pub) in the Town of Monsters. Choose to take your place next to the bar, but then just nuzzle your drink.
  • In the camp choose to rest or sleep. Instead of Goblin you may be surprised by Alma.
    • Squize it, like a proper slut would.
    • Confront her, and she will keep it inside while reading, and embarrass you by making you wait and giving you false hopes.
  • Meet the Catgirl.
    • You can tell her your backdoor is being occupied, and she will enjoy watching your reaction.
    • You can try to hide it, but you won't trick her nose.

Pervert Picture Grind[]

Normal Anal Anal (Casting)
Anal (Sweat) Anal (Cum) Anal (Naked)
Anal (Naked/Casting) Anal (Naked/Cum) Oral
Kiss Kiss (Smile) Kiss (Eyes Closed)


  • When having the Warlock as your companion, she can participate in additional scene with the Tentacle Witch.
  • Alma is responsible for the curse that makes women into Weresluts, seemingly with her librarian's personality. It's written in her diary.
  • Alma has yellow eyes, similar to Strange Merchant's, and if you get caught by her when you first meet, she promises you the “demon seed”. It may signify that she has a demonic bloodline (speculation).
  • You can get a feminine Gown as an outfit from her, if you get to visit her bedroom.


  1. Can be used for damage, armor shattering and tripping.
  2. Reading it is required if you want to finish Brothel Madame quest.
  3. She will make you wear a very feminine clothes, and then give her a proper suction in the middle of a town. You can only hope she will leave her cloak around you.