Tales of Androgyny Wiki

This page contains the general information on beating the game. Refer for tips on what did you miss (besides git gud). Of course this game is meant firstly for getting hands dirty, but that involves moving around freely. So, how do you do that?


There are two modes for the game in general:

  • Adventure: most of the content available is here. Lacks in central plot, but there are many questlines to complete and a lot of unique creatures to encounter.
  • Story: only available for Patrons, so please support Majalis to receive this build for yourself. It is more linear and more challenging, so it's more fitting for experienced players. Basically hardmode with the plot and unique scenarios for the same encounters.

The new character in both cases may be created in Ironman mode, which does not allow any savings besides automatic. It is used mainly for getting more bonus points in return for the thrill. Can't be disabled for an already created character.

There's also a Cheat mode, which can be enabled or disabled in Options on the Patron build. When it's active, no food is consumed, and in the overworld you'll have a button for instantly accessing most of the existing encounters. Also it allows loading the autosave after getting a Game Over. Basically it serves for checking on anything you missed with a little effort. The drawback is none of the achievements completed when this mode is enabled will count.

Adventure walkthrough[]

Getting them bonuses[]

Characteristic to the rogue-lite genre, ToA is balanced the way encouraging you having multiple walkthroughs. Not to mention visual novel style of telling the story with a lot of branching and even dating and marrying options. So, before an actual successful run you will have to attempt a few others, mainly to collect achievements. You really want to find them in Ironman mode, — which may be tough without spoiling them to yourself, but you can first play with saves and then redo what you found in Ironman. Check the Progress screen for the slight hints on where to look.

With finishing some achievements and having around 12 bonus points, you can finally choose decent Beginning Bonuses for your new hero. Invest into them in this order: stats, perks, skills, gold, food, crystals. Unless you're a Mage, prioritize crystals over skills then. And good luck to you.

Getting a viable build[]

Now the class you choose depends on what fun you expect to have. If you want the Charisma for the sensual content and an option to cast at least some spells, you may go for Enchantress, though it will be more tricky. You can create a Thief or a Warrior, and when it's totally possible to fix low Charisma with some additional effort, magic won't probably ever be an option in this case. Ranger isn't quite bad, but his bonus is a bow... Not exactly a decent advantage. Paladin has such a low speed it's not even funny.

For stats you better check the corresponding page and experiment on your own. Pretty much everything has its value. Agility is a little overpowered though, giving you the parries, stability and scaling for your weapons — while also being in many checks when having encouners. You don't want a low Endurance, or you'll be returning to defense a lot. You don't want the Perception lower than 5-6, or you won't know the next opposing moves in battle and will spend a lot of food on scouting. Your offence relies on Strength. So, balance carefully.

When you did the job with classes, you go for perks. Invest everything in additional stats you need most. Everything else can wait. Now, with skills it may be tricky. You should already have a general idea on what do you need. Get the Second Wind, invest in Tempo Attack, maybe Spring Attack/Careful Attack. Also an Armor Crusher (that if you don't particularly want saving skill points for something; in that case Sunderer perk is an alternative, but perk points are going to be useful for some time into the game). Fade Away if you want to spam the lower section. For now it should be enough, the Warrior also has skills in the Blitz stance.

Before the second town (Ironia)[]

You start the game, and battles should be piece of cake for now. Just go to the first town. You may meet Kylira, accept his invitation to get a bit of food. In the town of Silajam you want a weapon, either Rapier+1 or a Mace+1, and a Reinforced Shield. Together it should cost a 100 GP. Unless you have 8+ Agility and can just steal one of the items without being noticed. Steal two if you don't care about getting caught; but some achievements require staying virgin.

Get the gem for the Quetzal quest (check her page). Also it may be useful to start the first Brothel Madame quest, ask for additional money then. You kinda need them (unless your Agility is whole 12 and you can just steal all you will need).

When you're packed, go outside and find the Ogre. With a bit of Perception and Agility you can kick away his club, have an easy win and get 50GP. Continue traveling, don't forget collecting caches. The higher is level at which you scout usually, the easier it is to spot them. If you've chosen a clothing set when you created the character, you may go into the ruins, with Perception 6 get the money and food, then defeat Arachne. If you're not wearing boots, forget it. But you will pretty soon and can return. Oh, about the companions... They're pretty interesting guys and have their use, but also hold you back with eating more, so it's up to you what to do when you meet those spending food (Trudy and Kylira) and who you want to join.

Leaving the first map[]

In Town of Monsters you enter the Pub, and right away can return to Silajam and get the money you were promised. Start and complete a second quest from Madame for 120 GP if you need them more than your chastity. Return to the Town of Monsters. You need here:

  • Heels — 25GP.
  • Helm — 25GP.
  • Optionaly: Lacy Pants — 100GP, steal with Agility 12.
  • Full-Plate, requires Endurance 5 to done — 400GP, steal with 12 Agility.

This last armor is pretty cool, but also it can be pretty heavy. It can easily make you experience penalties, so maybe you could see what Blacksmith can give you. If you still need money, you probably have to visit Verdant Valley, that's why you may skip on buying the Gauntlet of Strength for now. Make sure you have food, you may sleep in an inn. But before you go for the gauntlet, go to the Witch Cottage to the right of the map. Show her a gem, get the item for Quetzal, optionally steal anything you want, like the Charisma Charm, because you won't be punished. Then go to the Xiuh mountain and defeat the boss. You can try to find any Altar on your way now, and if you already had an encounter with the Angel, it will now teleport you to Silajam. There listen to the cryer on the square, and receive 300 gold and the Stamina Charm. If you still want a Full-Plate, you probably can afford it now, so take a carriage to the Town of Monsters. Now you're absolutely ready to leave the area. And start kicking serious ass.

Reaching the Outpost[]

In the Mossy Expanse there will be no settlements. You have to rely on food caches, if you have 6 or 8 Agility — also on finding flocking Harpyes and stealing their eggs. You can drink from a healing pond (+50 food and full health replenishment), just note that if you refuse, you can get laid next time. In combat you're pretty safe with all the gear and the awesome build you probably figured out. You should have around ten levels now — they're going into more stats and learning better skills. You can learn Combat Dodge or may even afford using Overrun now. If you're using magic, try healing spells. Fight or talk to Golems for crystals and Mana Chunks.

Avoid Horrible Presence tiles, as you will choose your life drained every time there. Rest for a bit on the tiles that have beacon pictures to get 20 health each time if you need. The only fearsome opponent is probably the Minotauress — and you can just choose to get a titjob from her. In a fight she's pretty hard hitting, and you will certainly lose to her in grappling if you aren't exceptionally strong. In the end of the map there's also the Dark Knight, a pretty strong foe. Dodge her after her Reel Back, at least try to trip her with an Overrun/Slide instantly, or you'll get a lot of damage. Finally, you're on the Outpost. Buying a charm for more blocking is a good idea. Others are interesting, but not so cool. And yeah, you don't need any free armor given to you.


Focus on using wisely your new levels. It's good if you had some food saved up, as now it's becoming hard to find it. Sleeping Ettin with a bit of Perception and Agility is a way of receiving +40 food. You're mostly challenged by boredom, but you can meet the Dark Knight again. Also don't take the Tentacle Witch very lightly.

After this location you will see it. The castle and the DemonKing. If you was defeating your opponents and buffing all the stats, plus raising skills, you will probably win the battle easily. You're given more food, and now you can check Pageant Grounds and encounter the last creatures you miss a meeting with. That's it.

Magician Adventure[]

This class is so unique it's worth explaining from naught how it's going to manage the journey. It relies on magic, which has an advantage of ignoring any armor, but will cost you mana, and generally spells are not that powerful. Keep in mind that the higher is your Magic in creation of character, the more is going to be your maximum mana. Invest into offensive spells, in healing and later on in debuffs that make opponents skip turns. EVERY Golem you will find you should activate, soothe and get their help with Charisma (get the Mana Chunks). Defeat at least one of them to learn Focus Energy, it will allow you to access mana reserves. You'll have to learn managing your mana and efficiently recovering it.

Some tips from an ordinary adventure are also useful for a Mage. A good shield, stat raisers, and other armor will benefit him as well, but watch for the heaviness. You should know how to output some damage without using magic, at least with the weaker creatures. Beware checks in various stats you have on lower side, in worst cases drink potions that raise it.

Story walkthrough[]

Nothing here yet.