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Not much is known about Urka, other than she is a strong orcish warrior who likes to “claim her prize“ after a successful battle, and that she is well experienced in destroying human boys' butts. Even the name you call her by is just a word meaning something like ”fellow”, and her real name is just too hard to pronounce. Her kind really doesn't care about tenderness. You can make Urka your companion, but only after you defeat her in a fair battle. Even then she makes own camp not far from yours.


Encounter #1: You come across two men peaking at what appears to be an orc having its way with a poor adventurer. You may remain silent, or may speak up for the girl. Who turns up to be a boy, actually. The orc suggests you to go away or risk to take his ”place”. Your choice is next:

  • Take a fighting stance and engage in battle. She's pretty strong and aggressive, but nothing a decent build won't handle.
  • Attack with ranged weapon
  • Remove your underwear (requires low purity/catamete perk + Charisma 6). You'll get quite a bit of her attention now.
  • Remain still, like a coward.

If you win a battle, you can decide to do her, but know that she'll still take the lead, and as soon as you climax, she'll demand you cleaning her own just spurted shaft.

Encounter #2: Next time you see Urka, your choice depends on how did you act. If you won, you approach confidently, and she offers to "break a bread" with you, which means a decent amount of eating, drinking booze, and having sex. Your choice is:

  • Accept (requires low purity/catamete perk) and be the bottom.
  • Counter offer (required Top 5 + Charisma 6) and get on top.
  • Offer to spar and part ways.
  • Decline

If you were eating and drinking together, now you will be able to invite her to your team.

As companion[]


After Urka becomes your companion, you can either Visit her camp or Summon her to yours with a signal fire. If you summoned her, you can:

  • Ask her for it. In the middle of action, if you have Kylira as your companion, he'll stumble upon you, shocked and really aroused. Urka wants to take her after you, and you can answer:
    • No, this is MINE
    • Orc on Elf is hot
  • Ask to fuck her (Top 2 + no chastity cage)
    • From behind: you barely make it to the end.
    • From below: if you don't want to be viciously ridden, and then paying with your rear for being a quickshot, avoid.
  • Just talk. If you have Trudy in your team, she'll to it with him.

If you decided to visit instead, you have a gracious view of her enjoying a little swim naked. But she wants you to kiss her balls immediately, and will suggest you becoming her human slave. You can decline, but if you agree, you never can wear clothes in your camp anymore. Your choice when talking to her permanently changes for:

  • Ask to be trained: a good fisting for a gaping hole.
  • Tease her: as now you're always naked, you seduce her with most tempting views on your rear, which won't come fruitless.
  • ... You have a pleasant conversation with a merchant, and Urka just casually takes you in front of him. With an artwork.

=Other scenes[]

You may occupy one room with her in the Silajam inn. It leads to some sensual scenarios. You can sleep there alone, and if Trudy and Kylira are also in your team, you may peak on their orgy. Aside from that there's not much of interaction with Urka currently, but she can speak up when you meet the Tentacle Witch.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Ready Doggy
Mating Press Mating Press (Cum) Pronebone (Insert)
Pronebone Pronebone(Deep) Pronebone(Hold)
Standing Ball Smooch Merchant
Top Top (Cock) Kiss
Kiss (Tense) Kiss (Eyes)