Description[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Urka, other than they are a strong orcish warrior who likes to "claim their prize" after a successful battle.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

  • Encounter #1: You come across two men peaking at what appears to be an orc having its way with a poor adventurer. You have the option to either speak up, and stop it, or remain silent, and let it happen. If you speak up, you will confront Urka, and have the option to either fight them or take the adventurers "place". If you defeat them in combat, Urka will let you have your way with them, however, Urka will have their way with you if you lose, and if you choose to take the adventurers place, a variety of sex animations will play.
  • Encounter #2: After seeing Urka again, she offers to "break bread" with you. You can accept, decline, or offer to spar instead. If you accept, sex animations will play, and you can ask her to accompany you, and she will become your companion.

Camp[edit | edit source]

After Urka becomes your companion, you can either visit their camp or summon them to yours.

  • If you visit them, a sex scene will play, and you have the option to become their slave. If you do, different sex scenes will play when you next visit them.
  • You can also summon them to your camp. You will then have the option to either fuck or talk.
  • If you just talk and have Trudy as a companion, a sex scene between Trudy and Urka will play.
  • If you decide to give Urka what they really want, a sex scene will play.
  • If you have Kylira as a companion, Urka can give it to them after you if you choose the option to do so.

Picture Grid[edit | edit source]


- Unlocked upon first encounter

Ready Doggy
Mating Press Mating Press(Cum) Pronebone(Insert)
Pronebone Pronebone(Deep) Pronebone(Hold)
Standing Ball Smooch Merchant
Top Top(Cock) /////
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