Tales of Androgyny Wiki

Special case of armor having two unique upgrade options

The upgrades are the additional bonuses applied to your equipment. The Blacksmith and the Magical general store provide them by the price of 5 soul crystals.

The different types of equipment have own upgrades available. For weapons they may vary accordingly to the stat their damage scales from. For armor the slot you wear them in matter. But usually they will also share a number of standard possible upgrades. You can see the system itself below.


The Blacksmith has in stock the weaponry that has already been upgraded once. The table shows the bonuses you could additionaly get a rank in for every weapon.

Standard weapon upgrades
Upgrade Effect Ranks
Lightweight Decreases weight by half. 1
Grippable Doubles maximum grip. 1
Beast-slaying Increases damage vs. bestial enemies by 3. 1
Demon-slaying Increases damage vs. demonic enemies by 4. 1
Lewd Increases damage per Lewd Energy, maximum 5. 1


Have a unique upgrade: Forceful - 2 Ranks Increases damage that also imparts force by 1 per rank.


Have a unique upgrade: Sharp - 2 Ranks Increases damage that also imparts bleed by 1 per rank.

Scaling from two stats[]

1 rank in both Forceful and Sharp upgrades is available.


Standard shield upgrades
Upgrade Effect Ranks
Durable Increases durability of shield by 10 per rank. 1
Magic resistant Increases wearer's magic resistance. 1
Fireproof Renders immunity to flame and increases wearer's fire resistance. 1
Grounded Increases wearer's shock resistance. 1


Have the unique upgrade options depending on where you wear them. Items that cover two body parts will combine both corresponding special upgrades.

Standard armor upgrades
Upgrade Effect Ranks
Protective Increases damage reduction by 1. 2
Reinforced Increases damage reduction when in top condition by 3. 2
Durable Increases durability of each armor state by 5. 2
Pristine Increases durability of top condition by 15. 2
Resilent Increases durability of lowest condition by 30. 2


Have a unique upgrade: Perception - 1 Rank Adds 1 to the wearer's Perception.


Have a unique upgrade: Endurance - 1 Rank Adds 1 to the wearer's Endurance.


Have a unique upgrade: Magic - 1 Rank Adds 1 to the wearer's Magic.


Have a unique upgrade: Strength - 1 Rank Adds 1 to the wearer's Strength.


Have a unique upgrade: Agility - 1 Rank Adds 1 to the wearer's Agility.


Have a unique upgrade: Charisma - 1 Rank Adds 1 to the wearer's Charisma.

Chastity cages[]

How can you improve the item that has one purpose of preventing wearer's erection?.. You'd be surprised.

Standard cages upgrades
Upgrade Effect Ranks
Size Alters the size. 3
Impotence Makes peepee soft. 1
Feminizing Increases feminine appearance. 1
Anal-loving Increases anal stimulation. 1
Permanent Cannot be unlocked. 1