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Trudy is a fellow adventurer who uses only the finest armaments. Wields a battleaxe in fights, and really likes to brag about his accomplishments, but something doesn't seem quite right in those stories. Probably because of how easy it is to turn him into submissive craving for rough treatment slut. Trudy doesn't seem to have a strong preference in what he likes, sometimes taking initiative very eagerly, and sometimes enjoying being used like a cheap whore — though he will act offended every time his masculinity is questioned.

You can make him into your companion, and sometimes he will cast magic buffs for strength and stamina on you, and stun opponents in battle by letting them use Cornholing on him.


  • Encounter #1: Upon first meeting Trudy, he will share a meal with you. Afterward a failed sexual encounter will leave Trudy quite annoyed with you.
  • Encounter #2: Meeting Trudy again, he will ask you to help loot a noble that was slain by a wharg. On the way to pilfer from the noble, a snare will block your path. If you have at least Perception 6, you will realize that Trudy set the snare for you to be caught in. Passing the check will result in you tricking Trudy instead, letting the wharg have his way with Trudy. If you have at least Perception 3, you will still notice the wire, but not realize Trudy is behind it. After you stepping over it, Trudy will attempt to snag the snare themselves to try and capture you in it. If you have Agility 5, you can dodge the snare, letting Trudy be caught in it. Any way, it earns you 30 gold. Failing one of the two checks will result in you getting trapped, and the wharg having his way with you.
  • Encounter #3: after seeing Trudy again, you start a battle with him. You can both dominate or satisfy him, winning will also be not that hard. If you've lost, Trudy decides to ride you himself, but he'll also steal 10 gold from you. If you win, you steal the gold instead.
  • Encounter #4: Crossing paths with Trudy again will result in the MC and Trudy setting aside their differences. With Charisma 3 you can make him your companion.

As companion[]


After Trudy becomes your companion, you can chat with him in your camp. Spending time with him a first time will require Charisma 8. Next time he can train you a whole day, which will inevitably end up with him topping you. You will gain 20 EXP and 6 skill points in return.

After the training session you will be able to choose various sensual scenes from now on. If you have Kylira as your companion, there's an option It's a party (no chastity should be worn). Otherwise the choice is as following:

  • Talk: either on random topic, or the one that leads to his quest.
  • ... You're both in the tent, and there's a choice of actions:
    • Get on your knees: you know what you do there.
    • Embrace. You see his backdoor is actually occupied.
      • Pull it out
        • Kiss Trudy: he uses you as dildo then.
        • Just pull it out: he takes you, aroused from you taking the plug out.
      • Don't pull it out: there's only one empty hole now.
  • Wait till after, when he goes taking care of himself.
    • Leave him to it
    • Invite yourself in (no chastity, you can guess where).

Also, if Urka is your companion, and you summon her, but just to talk with her, she will bang Trudy after that (if he's in camp). Seemingly he asked for it himself, though he won't admit it.

Silajam inn[]

In the first town you can book the inn and share a room with Trudy with an outcome both of you know. If the player decides to room alone, and Trudy is in the party, he will attempt to bunk with a male hero who is also staying there. The player has a choice of spying on them, and see how much fun Trudy has, or introduce himself and join the action the way of preference.

Now, with Urka, Trudy, and Kylira in your team, you can choose to sleep alone, and they will have an orgy you can take a peek into.

Other scenes[]

If you already met the Female Goblin, the second time you do Trudy and you can take two different routes, and he ends up getting stuffed from both ends for an hour, evidently content.

You can make him fight a Wereslut for you... which ends with her using his hole. This way you can spare your own trouble when completing two of the stages for the Brothel quest.

You can offer Trudy to the Fire Elemental, because Kylira certainly isn't brave (or stupid) enough to agree. You can also let the Catgirl take him with her, and see how full he gets.


When meeting the Dark Knight in Mossy Expanse with Trudy in your team, his own questline starts. You should visit him in your camp and talk on certain topic (if you already had a talk and training).

You are informed Trudy seeks a powerful magic, and so you can help him by defeating powerful magicians. Those are: the Jester, who will let you choose “the game of tag„ now; the Ghost Manor encounter, you can choose for Trudy to check on the lady himself; the Warlock after she's made your companion, make a request of her to help your friend (but be aware who you're asking).

Finally, you can meet the Dark Knight in the Waking Lands and make Trudy go on her again, with the same result. This time, with low Purity or Catamete, you can let her use your rear. But you better Disagree and defeat her to finish the quest. Talk to Trudy about quest again, you'll be given the Quickcast (consumes 6 mana, lets you go into Deep Casting in one turn), and the Deep Focus spells.

Picture Grid[]


- Unlocked upon first encounter


-Either lose battle, or get it in camp


-Option in camp

Top(Plugged) Goblin Bang

-Meet Female Goblin second time, but choose taking different paths

w/ Kylira

-Having Kylira in team, choose it's a party

w/ Kylira + Hiro w/ All

-Silajam inn, having Urka and Kylira, rest alone and see