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In the Wastelands, if you suddenly see the woman emerging from the ground, know that this is probably the Tentacle Witch kin in the ways of tentamancy. She prefers using her magic to play with the lost boys, and even says it's her job for the DemonKing.


She will offer you some fun with her tentacles, and you can choose following:

  • No! Leads to a fight.
  • ... This moment of hesitation is instantly considered silent agreement. You're seized by tentacles and undressed.
    • Take the small inside. No tricks, it's just meant for a ”princess”.
    • Take the large in. For the big sluts.
  • Escape

Battle outcomes[]

She's better not be underestimated, as her health pool is 200, and her attacks are pretty powerful. She is using her tentacles to Block (Defensive) and Attack (Balanced stance). If you end up Supine face up, she will Plop Down, then go 69, and that's the only instance her own ”set” is used. If you win, she just disappeares back where she came from.

If you lose, you're seized and undressed, and the only choice you have is:

  • Insult her by spitting in her face. That makes all of your enemies angry, and start violating you from both sides.
    • Beg for mercy with your eyes. They'll get double more eager, but that's mercy.
    • Defy her, and she'll decide to put in both of your holes as many tentacles as it's physically possible.
  • Beg for it. You're getting one in your backside, while one starts sucking on it. It seems they're synchronized, and the more one tries, the more tries another. So...
    • Harder?
    • Softer?
  • Ask Friends to help, if you have Trudy or Kylira with you. The helping effort ultimately fails (you could imagine), and now three of you start receiving the attention from the Witch in the most perverted ways she comes up with. If you have the Warlock and Urka in your team, eventually they will rescue you. But the experience is unforgettable.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Tentacles Small
Small In Large Large In