Tales of Androgyny Wiki

Tavern (with a ”Pub” sign outside) is an establishment in the Town of Monsters. In gameplay it serves as a place to meet some characters, being required to enter for the first quest given to you by the Brothel Madame, or to interact with the Goblin and the Warlock. You can also spend your time there to take a part in some unique scenes.


When you enter the tavern without a particular quest, you have the next choice:

  1. Buy a drink (requires 5GP). You get more and more drunk when you choose it.
  2. Take up space at the bar.
  3. Tell a tale.
  4. Use the restroom.
  5. Leave.

If you choose the first (1) for a few times, you'll pass out, and find out when you wake up that 25 gold from your pouch are strangely missing. If you get only 2-3 cups, and then try to leave, a pair of monsters — lizard and satyr — will approach you and offer ”fun”. You can answer:

  • Yes (it says low purity or Catamete is required, but probably to avoid locking it isn't necessary).
  • No (requires Willpower).
  • ... (requires Willpower).

You'll get gangbanged if choosing first, and if you fail Cock Lover 5 check, a demon will join in the end, wasting Hiro's hole even more.

If you choose the second (2), you can talk to the intimidating lady (actually it's the Dark Knight). She'll want to bang you, and it requires Willpower to resist and don't get swept away, either sucking her off or being banged on the bar publicly. You still can agree on giving in after that, just sucking or being pounded where there's more privacy. Keep in mind you get to see more of the artworks if you're doing it on the table in another room. Also if you're getting away and just leaving, you'll see how another one takes your place and being used orally.

If you decide on the third (3) one, you can either tell about your heroic deeds, or (having low purity/Catamete perk) about your exotic sexual experiences. You have a message that you have a new story to tell when you get them during the encounters. There's no reward but people's approval or odd looks.

If you choose the fourth (4), on your way you're being suggested to check some other rooms. If you do, you'll find out the tavern has a ”glory hole” where, after reading the rules, you can choose to work your mouth for free either for a human, or a female monster (waiting to her for some time). You can just use the restroom, though.