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The Strange Merchant is a peddler carrying suspicious wares. She is found at the starting area, near the Town of Silajam. The Strange Merchant seems to be living among demon descendants, and her words suggest she's older than she looks.

Visiting store[]

If you are not in chastity, after perusing her wares, she will ask if you want to try out one of her toys, which leads to Anal Addict 1 check. Failing it, you can choose to receive a toy down the line with a low Purity/catamite perk.

Or there is a bit less shameful opportunity. If you did peruse the wares, the next time you meet her she will put you in a chastity cage (with an artwork). It can't be unequipped without a key you buy from a Blacksmith.

When meeting her with a chastity cage on, she will ask you how you get off with it. If you have an Anal Addict score less than 3, you will walk away.

If you have an Anal Addict score of 3 or more, you are guaranteed to fail the check when meeting her and peruse, and the character explains they get off with their butt. But it's possible to resist the temptation, and walk away. If you do not have any willpower left or give in to the temptation, she will fuck you with a strap-on. She will then decide to parade you around while she travels, making you give up your quest, resulting in a Game Over. Just a little bit different scenario is possible when equipping every toy slot and meeting her.


Below is a list of items the Strange Merchant sells along with the price of each item. It mainly are various lewd “gadgets”, including chastity cages that are equipped automatically and prevent erections.

Item Price Health pot (15) ×2 2GP
Ox pot (3) ×2 15GP
Cat pot (3) ×2 15GP
Bear pot (3) ×2 15GP
Butt plug 15GP
Anal beads 15GP
Tail plug 15GP
Ring plug 15GP
Ring gag 15GP
Ball gag 15GP
Chastity cage 5GP
Sounding cage 5GP
Spiked cage 5GP
Girly cage 5GP
Chastity belt 16GP


After meeting the Strange Merchant once, when you enter the Brothel, you become a witness of the Brothel Madame pegging her with a big toy for a pretty long time. The actual circumstances are yet to be revealed.

Known Bugs(?)[]

The chastity belt (not the cage) currently doesn't seem to do anything to prevent anal insertions.

Pervert Picture Grid[]

Normal Cage Cage(Click)
Pegging Pegging(Cage) Pegging(Smile)