The status effects are the temporary states that may affect your character's performance. They generally become important when in-battle or while passing the stat checks. You can see them next to your character's portrait when fighting or in the status menu.

Those effects that are inflicted by your own status (like being on low health or stamina) will require eliminating what causes them to disappear. Those applied to you by actions have own power shown in numbers, on which depends how strong is an effect and/or how long will it last. Any of the effects can actually be applied to your enemy.


  • Lewd Energy — gives a boost to particular skills. Applied when your character receives a „creamy gift“.
  • Advantage — can be obtained from the Counter stance skills and others. It also gives particular skills a boost.
  • Evasion Up — can be evoked by using Fade Away skill, it raises probability of successful evasion temporarily.
  • Titan Strength — the Strength stat up. Applied by a spell, yours or Trudy's if he's travelling with you.


  • Injured — low health, you lose Strength, Agility and Endurance proportionally to damage. Use the potions or spells to heal in battle, and resting/inns outside of them.
  • Winded — you're low on stamina in battle. The Strength is decreased. Go into defense, preferably with the Second Wind, or at least rest for some turns.
  • Bleed — inflicted by a melee weapon. You slowly lose health. Can be healed with the Bandage. High Endurance allows ignoring bleeding if it's not serious.
  • Stuffed — stomach state is filled with something of foreign origin. Agility decreased.
  • Drunk — inflicted by drinking alcohol in tavern or in some encounters. Also can be invoked by a spell. You will lose some of your Perception, Charisma, and Magic. The only way to sober is by resting.
  • ...other magically evoked statuses.


  • Oozed — just climaxed and for the three turns can't do anything but rest.
  • Lusty — being on high Lust. Empty your balls, or you won't be fighting very good. The enemies will try doing the same.
  • Embarrassed — particular lewd actions have stronger effect.
  • Sensitive Lips — arousal is raising faster when taking it into the mouth.
  • Sensitive Anus — arousal is raising faster when it's from the backdoor.
  • Satisfied — one or more times the character had his fun. The effect exclusive to enemies.


Some effects are applied to those who enter a certain location and are affected by its environment. They won't go until you leave this place.

  • Heat — appears in the Wastelands, stamina regeneration is slowed down.

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