Tales of Androgyny Wiki

Status screen

The status menu is where the player can check all of their general character information, current stats, and status effects. In the other tabs they can also view all of their positive/negative perks, relationship/offspring menu, other status, and activity log.


General Information[]

The most informative screen. On this tab the first and the last comes some basic info on the character you've created: a big table for current Stats, and the name, class, race, appearance details.

Next you'll see:

  • Current Level. Per every level used you get one perk point and one skill point (and soul crystals if you're capable in magic).
  • Stored Levels. Until you open the upgrading menu, you won't actually grow in levels. Which comes in handy for completing some achievements. It doesn't affect EXP anyhow.
  • Experience. You get it for winning battles or having... experiences. In case of most races per 10 XP you gain 1 level until you obtain 10 levels, then it's 1 per 25.

  • Health. The character's overall well-being. It can be lost in battles, and sometimes in unsuccessful encounters. Low health will result in the "Injured" status effect, reducing the physical stats. 0 health leads to losing the current battle (but not necessarily to a Game Over).[1]
  • Mana. The character's current mana pool. It is required in order to cast magic spells. You can restore it by resting. Also additional mana in battle is drawn from reserve by using Focus Energy skill.
  • Metabolic Rate. Amount of food consumed each time you move to another tile, or rest some way. Default rate is 4.[2]

  • Gold. The amount of gold the character currently has in possession. Gold is used to purchase items from shops, sleep in an inn, buy food and take carriages.[3]
  • Debt. The amount of money you still didn't return to the Bank in Silajam. No matter how big it is, if it's more than 0 it gives you a chance to encounter the Puca.
  • Soul Crystals. How many soul crystals the character currently possesses. They are used to learn and upgrade magic skills, and also upgrade all of your equipment.[4]

  • Lust. Being increased when you're aroused in battle. The higher it is, the faster your Erection will build up. The high Lust will negatively affect some stats. In a few cases it also gives you the unique dialogue options. Release some „pressure“ in the course of battle to fix it.
  • Purity. Has 9 ranks, 100 points each. Purity, when still high, makes all options marked with „Slut“ unavailable (bypassed with the Catamete perk). In particular encounters having low Purity can force you to choose lewd actions. Purity is lost when being „bottom“. In „dirtier“ contexts you will be losing more of it than in neutral. It can not be recovered.
  • Dignity. The amount of respect the character still has. Dignity usually is lost hand-by-hand with Purity — when being used as „bottom“. It is rarely being in check. Unlike Purity, it can be recovered when defeating opponents.
  • Willpower. A resource to resist serious temptations. Can be earned sometimes when giving in to them. Can be consumed if the character gets sudden urge for something — due to Red Perks, or other reasons.[5]

Perks and Effects[]

Perk Menu

In the second tab of the status menu, the player can see all of their character's current positive (Green) and negative (Red) perks, as well as status effects that are debuffing them in overworld. Each item there can be hovered over to see what each one does for you.



In the third tab of the status menu, the player can see a list of all of their current companions, and check on what is the status of relationships. As well as all of their offspring the character have produced.

Anal Status[]

Sphincter/Rectum/Colon Status

In the fourth tab of the status menu the player can check how their character's rear is managing. The hole itself can get gaping permanently if something really large enters it. It won't affect gameplay. The bowels of the character, though, can get the Stuffed status, decreasing Agility stat. That means they currently contain something that isn't meant to be there: someone's eggs or goo (or both). Eggs can't be removed until they hatch when traveling in overworld, different types of them may have own features. Semen leaks after some time passes, but can be ridden off right away in camp or in any inn.

Sexual Activity Log[]

Sexual Activity Log

The final tab of the status menu keeps track of all of the sexual activity the character has done (or hasn't done), and how many times he did it.


  1. Sleeping in an inn or drinking from a healing pond can restore all health. Another efficient healing option is resting at overworld tiles marked with beacon (+20 health per use). In battle there's healing magic, and less viable healing potions.
  2. Elfblood race has the base Metabolic Rate 3, while Orcblood — 5. Companions add 1 to it each (excluding Urka & Alma). The Hunger Charm equipped reduces the rate by 1.
  3. There are no efficient ways to farm it, but there exist many one-time opportunities for raising cash like questlines and various encounters.
  4. You can receive soul crystals from Golems.
  5. You can gain Willpower when: you lay down voluntary for the Feral Wereslut, you agree on a spicy proposal in the Tavern, choose lifesuck from the Merrybell etc.