Tales of Androgyny Wiki

Stats increase the potential of your character, making them stronger, faster etc. A Class determines your initial stats. You can get additional stat points with some perks and certain gear. Note that more stat points for a character creation can be accessed with Beginning Bonuses. On this page In-Game descriptions are given in italics.


"Strength determines raw attack power, which affects damage, how much attacks unbalance on enemies, and contests of strength, such as wrestling, struggling, or weapon locks. CAUTION: high strength attracts werewolves!"

Outside of combat, strength influences brute force actions, such as busting down doors.


"Endurance determines stamina and resilience, which affects your ability to keep up an assault without getting tired, your ability to shrug off low damage attack, and wear heavier armor without becoming exhausted."

Endurance determines how much stamina you will use, thus increasing the amount of costy actions you can output. When stamina is low, strength also decreases. Outside of combat, endurance influences high-maintenance actions such as swimming for a long period without drowning or getting your face sat on without suffocating.


"Agility determines balance and skill, affecting your ability to keep a sure footing even while doing acrobatic maneuvers, getting unblockable attacks against enemies, and evading enemy attacks."

Agility determines how often you will evade enemy attacks, and allows you to perform more attacks consecutively without losing your footing. Certain weapons also scale off of your agility stat. Outside of combat, agility influences stealth, and maneuverability, allowing you to avoid danger, and escape sticky situations. Agility also determines how successful you will be when stealing from shops.


"Perception determines your ability to see what attack an enemy may use next and prepare accordingly, as well as your base scouting ability, which determines what information you can see about upcoming areas."

Perception is having a keen eye for detail, spotting danger before it's too late. It also allows you to find more treasure from caches on the map.


  • Scout Lvl 0: No Information
  • Scout Lvl 1: Terrain - Range 1
  • Scout Lvl 2: Terrain - Range 2, Creature Type - Range 1
  • Scout Lvl 3: Terrain - Range 3, Creature Type - Range 2, Personality - Range 1
Scout Level \ Stat Points 1 2-4 5-7 8-10
Scout Level 0 X
Scout Level 1 X X X
Scout Level 2 X X
Scout Level 3 X


Combat Display 1-2 3 4 5 6-8 9+
Health x x x x x x
Stamina x x x x
Current Combat Stance x x x x x x
Next Combat Stance 1/3 2/3 3/3 3/3 3/3
Next Action x
Balance x x x x x
Ammunition x x x x x x
Armor x x x x x x
Debuffs x x x x x x
Arousal x x
Erection x x x x x x
Erection Progress x x


"Magic determines your magical capabilities, such as how powerful magic spells are, and how many of them you can cast before becoming magically exhausted."

The magic stat also increases your maximum amount of mana. Magic also allows you to interact with certain objects, such as glyphs that grant you XP, as well as the golem.


"Charisma determines your ability to influence an enemy, getting them to calm down and listen to reason, enraging them, or seducing them."

Bolsters seduction techniques, influences enemies to want to engage in sex with you rather than attack you. Also influences certain characters (e.g. getting an apple from the dryad).