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Slime is a neutral sentient creature by the name of Protea (Tea) which is often mistaken to be a harmful monster. Well, she was once, but after digesting a human she ceased hostility. And gained rather voluptuous figure. Since slimes reproduce by division, it is pointless for her to be close with humans, but she doesn't mind. She will take any human semen that is contributed to her and store it for a long period of time so that she can use it... when she's in a mood for the tricks.



Upon meeting the Slime you can choose either:

  • Fight her
  • Smooch her
    • Go in (no chastity worn): note that she will return you what you give her right in your mouth.
    • Love Dart (low Purity/Catamite perk): did you know that slime liquid can harden at will?
      • You can choose if you want to be pounded from both ends, or not.
  • Leave her be: you lose -5 Affection with her. Currently doesn't do anything.

Battle: There's no option of satisfying her. Don't try to grapple, she can't be beaten in it. If you battle and win against the Slime, you will be given another choice of what to do with her. If you choose to stab her, but fail the Agility 6 check, she will devour you (Game Over). Otherwise you're going to kill her. You will then receive a Worthless slime (+1 def item).

You can choose to spare her, and she will give you a Primo Slime (+3 def item).

If you Lose the fight, you can choose either Try to speak or Run. First option will make her inseminate her goo in your stomach and sate your hunger (+EXP). If you run, you need to pass an Agility check to avoid it.

If you did fight, but spared her, or if you smooched, next time she gives you your name.


If you did kill the normal Slime (Tea), this one attacks and devours you, if you lose.

Otherwise it's just Tea a bit drunk on raspberries juice. She wants to rest her slime inside you. If you don't answer positively, you have to fight her off, but she will apologize with Primo Slime after that.

If you agree, or lose, she gets inside, which won't be very comfortable for you. She leaves eventually, but you are going to get Drunk.

Pervert Picture Grid[]

Normal love Dart Backshot
Inside Inside (Mid) Inside (Full)