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Slime is a neutral sentient creature which always mistaken as harmful monster. She take form as female human and can be found all around world. Since slime do not possessed any cum, she will take any human cum that contribute to her and she can store it for a long time so that she can use it during inseminate with human.


Upon meeting slime you can choose either :

  • Fight her
  • Smooch her
  • Leave her be

If you win against the slime you will be given another two choice :

  • Stab her
  • Spare her

If you choose to stab her but have lower agility, she will devour you and have bad end but if agility check pass you will success on killing her. You also need high stamina to succeed in stabbing her core. You will then receive a Worthless slime.

You can choose to spare her and she will give you Primo Slime (+3 def item in your inventory).

If you lose in fight against her you can choose either:

  • Try to speak
  • Run

Choose try to speak will make her inseminate her goo in your stomach and leaving you sate of hunger and experience point. While choose to run will trigger agility check and if pass the slime cannot catch up.

If upon meeting choose to smooch her, another three choice will be trigger:

  • Go in ( Require: free cock )
  • Love Dart ( Require: Slut )
  • Leave her be

Any choice above will give experience point to player except leave her be.


Below is the list of ways the slime can be defeated:

  • Win
  • Lose
  • Surrender

Picture Grid[]

Normal love Dart Backshot
Inside Inside (mid) Inside (full)