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Dark Goddess Quetzal is an optional boss that can earn the player 50 XP and 300 GP with the Stamina Charm if defeated. She's extremely confident in her powers — and there's a good reason for that as there's no way to harm her unless the hero possesses the unique artefact; while Quetzal is gigantic and as strong as 50 men, used to worshipping and sacrifices. She stays on the mount Xiuh at the end of the first map and waits for the new foolish boys to come, having a bottle of lubricant ready. Three of the achievements are given on falling this goddess.


While you can just come to her mountain and actually ”defeat” her, to do it the fair way of battle you'll need to take some walking. In the first town of Silajim wait until it's a day and enter the Town Square. You'll need to Listen to town crier and then to Eavesdrop. You'll be approached by a man who knows the key for bringing the Quetzal down. You can:

  • Just give him 20GP
  • Pay with something else
    • Rear: needs Perfect Bottom 3 to succeed.
    • Blowie: Blowjob Expert 3 needed.
    • Handy: Crank Master 3 and Charisma 4.
  • Leave

When you pay with money, you can pass Charisma 4 check to get a Gem item additionaly. Even if you fail it, you still better pay him 10GP as the witch asks of you much more.

Next stop is the Witch's Cottage located to the right from the river you need to cross. By showing to her the Gem you'll get the Goddess' Blessing and will be able to start a battle with the Quetzal. Get the equipment you need (for a speedrun it may be a Gladius from Arachne) and travel further to get to the mountain.


When you climb the mountain, you see the terrible fate of a hero who didn't bother receiving Goddess' Blessing. After witnessing him getting bred by Quetzal, you can:

  • Attack (without Blessing it will result in a long scene of getting pounded by her and a Game Over)
  • Seduce (requires Charisma 8 and low purity; catamete perk won't work).
    • Having Top 3 you can do it in her mouth.
    • You can satisfy her with your mouth.
  • Strategic retreat

Seducing leads to peace talks and an agreement of sending to her boys in the future that will ”conquer” her similarly. If you choose the last option, you can return here with basically the same choice, but get an additional scene with the poor hero.


It is recommended to fight in Ironman mode as you can earn up to three bonus points there. If you plan to get Number One Hero achievement, it's better finish some other achievements beforehand and start a new character with additional stats, perks, and skills.

First ten turns Quetzal will just stand there, prepare to lube you or lick lips. If your build already is sufficient for travelling past the mount Xiuh, it's just enough to kill her, or stack the Bleeds to simply stay in Block until she dies. After she starts damaging you, she's technically the strongest opponent on the first map, but still manageable and really basic. Finish her until you can get in her Full Nelson, as she's strong, and the loss means an instant Game Over.

Picture Grid[]

Normal w/Hero w/HeroPost
Anal (Smirk) Anal (Grin)


  • Quetzalcoatl is a god in the Aztec culture, whose name can be literally interpreted as ”quetzal-feathered serpent”. Quetzal are the species of birds with the colorful feathers.