Tales of Androgyny Wiki

Quest — in a common sense any task completion for a certain reward. In ToA these rewards will often include the unique scenes. This page is meant to gather in one place the prominent quest lines and key points of their completion for simpler browsing.

The Brothel[]

How to start: talk to the Brothel Madame. Ask about odd jobs. Avoid offending her. Ask about odd jobs for a second time, and resist temptations. Get avance. Choose your bonus reward — either 50GP or something else.

What to do: keep in mind that requirements for stages 2, 3 and 4 can be completed before you get the task.

  1. Travel to the Town of Monsters, enter the tavern (Pub) and take a carriage back to Silajam. Reward — another 50GP, achievement and her affection.
  2. Ask about odd jobs again. Encounter a common Wereslut.
  3. Ask about odd jobs. You'll have to take Werewolve's knot in, or make Trudy do that.
  4. Ask about jobs. Go to the Town of Monsters. Enter the Manor. Either choose to wait and read the diary, or beat the Warlock and return to Manor.
  5. Ask her, and then get knotted anally from an ordinary Wereslut, or make Trudy take your place. Note that only the type of enemies that spawns around towns will count. Reward is 100GP, a new girl to hire and a scene. Plus achievement.
  6. Ask about jobs. Now you can explore rooms in the Brothel. Take the white one, others may also “reward” you. Talk to the Madame, get 20GP.

The Dark Goddes Quetzal[]

How to start: enter the Town Square at daytime in Silajam and listen to the towncryer.

What to do:

  1. Choose to Eavesdrop after that. Either pay 20+10GP; pay 20 and have Charisma 4; or satisfy him with rank 3 of needed skill. Receive the gem.
  2. Go to the Witch Cottage to the right after crossing the river. Show her the gem and get the Goddess's Blessing.
  3. Go to the Mountain Xiuh. Attack and defeat Quetzal.
  4. Return to the Town Square, spend some time, get some food, and receive 300GP and the Stamina Charm.

Alternate route: without bothering with the gem or witch go to the mountain. With Charisma 8 and low Purity you can... defeat her other way — with your mouth or, having Top 3 and no chastity worn, her own mouth. It counts as victory and allows you to ask for reward.

Mouth Fiend[]

How to start: hire either Daisy or Rose in the Brothel twice. Each time ask them to deepthroat, and fail the Charisma check. It results in being banned from hiring.

What to do:

  1. In a daytime go to the Town Square. You'll meet the noble lady. Fail the check in Perception.
  2. In her manor you get strangled. To quickly end a quest with Game Over ask her for it, and fail both checks in Dignity.
  3. If you want to escape, Pretend to reshackle yourself when the option comes, then stay on the road, and with near the outpost. You will appear in the beginning of the first map, ultimately losing some food and a kiss. Otherwise you become Lura's slave, and get the achievement.

Express ending: enter the Town Square wearing the Ring Gag from the Strange Merchant. Game Over.


How to start: meet Alara with Kylira in your team and choose not to drink from the healing pond. Again find the healing pond, and let them chat very quick.

What to do:

  1. Settle in your camp. If you didn't talk to Kylira yet, do that with Charisma 8. Ask him about the subject of their talk with Alara (option is marked with Quest). Optionally choose an option leading to getting layed.
  2. Meet every creature required: the Female Goblin after already encountering her once; the Centaur; the Friendly Wereslut, choosing touching her tail; stay in an inn in Silajam with Kylira and let him get on the same guy. Each time you need to choose the Quest option.
  3. After doing it enough times you'll build up Affection with him, and can talk in the camp, where he says he found a new confidence within and teaches you a Curse Lifting spell.


How to start: by meeting the Dark Knight with Trudy in your team.

What to do: you need to talk to Trudy in your camp on particular topic. After that you have to meet and sometimes defeat some characters.

  • Meet the Jester and choose the game of tag.
  • Find the Ghost Manor and let Trudy climb the wall himself.
  • Recruit the Warlock, and make a request of her to help your friend.
  • Meet the Dark Knight in the Waking Lands and let Trudy handle her. When he can't, defeat her yourself.
  • After doing those scenes you should talk to Trudy in your camp again. The reward is a skill of going Deep Casting faster, while consuming mana, and Deep Focus.

Isla and the Vampires[]

How to start: find Isla in the Silajam church, second time you talk to her ask her about herself.

What to do:

  1. Purchase the codpiece for 100GP on the Outpost.
  2. Ask Isla about herself. Go to the Witch Cottage. This stage isn't necessary.
  3. Encounter the Vampires. Defeat Persephone, which will end the encounter now.
  4. Return to Isla, ask her about the Vampires, and be rewarded with a scene.

The Female Goblin[]

How to start: encounter the Female Goblin. Enter the small path. Engage in battle any of the ways. Either win by satisfying her, or be defeated, then fail every following check and get egged.

What to do:

  1. Satisfy either Harpy, Centaur, or Wereslut. Get ensemenated. Travel for a bit until the eggs will hatch by themselves in the overworld.
  2. Encounter the Female Goblin again, again take the route to her, and she will breed you. With enough Charisma it won't end in laying eggs, otherwise... it will. Now you're pretty close.
  3. Go to the Town of Monsters. There, while attempting to enter anything, you will meet the goblin Selkie, who may take you on a date. It happens once, every possible outcome leads to getting sexual with her somehow. That's it.

The Warlock[]

Portal Quest[]

How to start: have Magic 4 and Charisma 8. Defeat the Warlock, ask her to join. In the camp enter her portal, and make a request of her to teach you the portal magic. Deal with signing up involuntary for giving her access to your hole any place and any time she wants it.

What to do: you need to get her affection to 110, and then you will obtain a one-way portal in your camp that teleports you to Silajam. She may randomly use your ass, or there are certain scenes you can trigger that give you +10 affection. Just note there's a cooldown of 1-2 in-game days between you can trigger each one. Sometimes they are repeatable.

  • Enter the General Store in Silajam.
  • Enter the Town Square, same town (maybe Eavesdrop).
  • Encounter the Brigand (Weak) on the first map, but fail the scouting check.
  • Enter the tavern (Pub) in the Town of Monsters. Choose to take your place next to the bar, and just nuzzle your drink.
  • Sleep in the camp. Instead of a Goblin you may be surprised by Alma.
  • Just meet the Catgirl.


How to start: make the Warlock into your companion, or lose to her. Choose training to be a girl.

What to do: visit the Town Square in Silajam. Choose Date option. Get humiliated.