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The Puca is a humanoid creature with bunny ears that will only appear once you have gone in debt to the bank in Silajam. Don't let her shapely rear trick you, she's quite agile and restless. The Puca is very pleasant and polite when you pay your debts in time, but let her take you in the bed, and you'll see how merciless she really is. Her skin tone will change according to the player's ”favorite flavor” item in the Options menu, even on artworks.

Getting in Debt[]

Main page: Bank

Debt Collecting[]

She will appear on the overworld when your debt reaches 200 GP, asking the player to pay back their debts. This can happen anywhere on the map (even at the Arena).

One can choose to pay her 100, 50, 10 GP, or... to pay with your body (requires low purity/catamite). In the last case Puca will personally give you the roughest night of your life, proving she really is a restless bunny, and then pay off 25 gold for you. Note that getting in a fight won't be an option yet.

Paying nothing is only available when the player has less than 10 coins, picking it results in the Puca paying just 1 GP for you as a warning. If that repeats, it will trigger a combat. (She also is fought on the Arena on circle 3).


Stat wise the Puca is pretty tanky, decent HP pool and heavy armor doesn't help it; but the biggest threat is how hard she hits, and Bleed she inflicts. It all comes to being stronger and more durable. The combat can only be won by defeating the Puca. Given the player defeats her outside of the Arena matches, beating her results in her paying off 30 gold of the debt. Losing, on the other hand, means becoming a Puca's slave with a long scene, an artwork, a Game Over and a change in class to ”Bunny” when Hiro's finally sold to some puca nobility.

Day Off[]

Another scenario is possible when you stop at the Tavern tile in the Demon King Realm. You quickly spot her, take a seat next to her, and options depend on what is your credit status.

No debt[]

She playfully offers you sitting on her lap. You can:

  • Keep drinking
    • Back off. She will then offer you doing what bunnies do best. If you accept, you go into an inn. Agility 6 check follows, failing means being bottom for today. If you pass, you have a next choice of getting her in the mood (which ends the night for both of you if you're wearing chastity):
      • Foreplay, meaning her sitting on your face. With her ass, it takes Endurance 7 to not pass out, or you're going to be bottom.
      • Tit-for-tat: you agree to let her go on you first, and she will, while also motivating you squeeze it by squeezing your neck. Endurance 7 check again, same punishment for failing.
      • Pay for it (requires 100 gold).
      • Fight. But keep in mind you're drunk, and have no Perception or Magic at the moment. If you lose... you know what's waiting you.
    • Drink some more: this will make you pass out, and wake up just to feel briefly how she's having lots of fun with your backside for free.
  • Seat on her lap (requires 0 Purity). You will then go to an inn and give her a blowjob, before you hop on her shaft and get fucked.

Being in debt[]

She won't do her work just yet, as she's having day off, but she will offer you a ”mutually-beneficial” deal. That means getting some debt payed for you in return for your mouth services. You can:

  • Accept. Same as sitting on her lap (see above) — You play along hopping like a proper bunny. But this time your debt will decrease on the sum of 100 gold.
  • Just drink
    • Some more: same as drink some more above.
    • Call it a day and leave.

Pervert Picture Grid[]

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