Tales of Androgyny Wiki

Perks give a character bonuses, useful for different situations. Ranking up perks requires perk points, earned through leveling up and rarely through encounters. Perk points can also be chosen as a beginning bonus when starting a new game. Perks with multiple ranks require more perk points per rank - one for the first rank, two for the second, three for the third. Ranking up a perk to level three requires six perk points total. Red Perks put a character at a disadvantage, and gaining the maximum rank of a Red Perk can contribute towards a Game Over, but you'll need them to complete some Achievements.

Green Perks[]

Green perks are perks that will not contribute to a game over if maxed out. They are mostly stuff picked by the player while leveling up, but some must be gained from activities.

Perk Description Ranks
Skilled Increases number of skill points to allocate by 2 per each rank 5
Wellrounded Increases current lowest stat by 1 (If two or more stats share the lowest value, only the first in the list will be affected) N/A
Specialist Increases current greatest stat by 1 N/A
Surveyor Increases effective perception for scouting by 2 per rank 3
Stealthy Increases effective agility for stealthing by 2 per rank 3
Erotic Increases effective charisma for arousing others by 2 per rank 3
Catamite Unlocks more options for being willingly receptive. (Allows choosing "slut" dialogue options that would require low purity otherwise.) 1
Quickfooted Increases stability as if having higher agility by 2 per rank 3
Combat Finesse Increases weapon skill bonuses as if having higher agility by 2 per rank 3
Strong Grip Increases weapon grip regeneration by 1 N/A
Sunderer Increases armor destruction on armor sundering attacks 3
Versatile Decreases stability cost of techniques that changes stance from Balanced stance 3
Item Master Adds a level of defense to item use N/A
Easy To Please When ejaculating, lust is decreased by a greater amount 3
Forager Outcomes of foraging are more likely to be good 3
Stronger Increases strength by 1 per rank 3
Harder Increases endurance by 1 per rank 3
Faster Increases agility by 1 per rank 3
Smarter Increases perception by 1 per rank 3
Witcher Increases magic by 1 per rank 3
Hotter Increases charisma by 1 per rank 3
Perfect Bottom Skill at anal sex N/A
Crank Master Skill at handjobs N/A
Blowjob Expert Skill at oral sex. N/a
Top You like giving it N/a
Scentless Able to hide your odor no matter what it smells like. Most useful for Wereslut encounters when you have high Strength. 1

Red Perks[]

Red Perks are perks that are gathered primarily from losing combat or being sexually submissive. Some of these perks can contribute towards a bad ending or force the player into special scenes.

Perk Description How to Acquire Contributes to a Bad End
Lady Of The Night You know how to make money with your...talents. Work in brothel. Maximum rank 20. Yes
Ass Eater Skill at eating ass. A few sources, notably Brothel Madame and Warlock. No
Mouth Maniac Loves suckin'it. Unlocks skills for fellatio. Various sources, by giving blowjobs. No
Creampie Collector Loves to get cream-filled like a creampuff. Various sources, by getting creampied. No
Cuckoo For Cuckoo You enjoy the company of feathered friends. Get topped by Harpies (lose combat). Yes
Cum Connoisseur Loves to drink jizz. Various sources, by swallowing cum. No
Cock Lover Loves cocks. What else is there to say? Various sources, usually gained in most submissive encounters. No
Beastmaster You've been... friendly with a few non-humanoid creatures. Lose to Drow Beast Mistress or be trapped by her, or certain Foraging outcomes. Yes
Anal Addict Loves butt stuff. Or more accurately getting butt stuffed. Unlocks skills for anal. Have anal sex as a bottom. (Note that it's given on insertion). Yes
Knot Eater You love being tied together with a jawbreaker in your mouth. You have interesting hobbies. Get orally topped by Werewolves. Yes
Bitch You love being tied together with someone who's fucking your ass. You like yippy dog sex, and there's no shame in that. Well, some. Get anally topped by Werewolves. Yes
Size Queen Likes 'em big. For a certain definition of "em" Be careful! Get topped by Ogres. Yes
Weak to Anal Weak to butt stuff. Causes quick pew pew while penetrated The "Warrior" class starts with this Perk. No
Equestrian Has a thing for equine phalluses. Be careful! Get topped by Centaurs (lose combat or start the encounter penetrated). Yes