Green Perks[edit | edit source]

  • Skilled - Increases number of skill points to allocate by 2 per each rank (5 Ranks)
  • Wellrounded - Increases current lowest stat by 1 (If two or more stats share the lowest value, only the first in the list will be affected)
  • Specialist - Increases current greatest stat by 1 (Requested 10 level)
  • Surveyor - Increases effective perception for scouting by 2 per rank
  • Stealthy - Increases effective agility for stealthing by 2 per rank
  • Erotic - Increases effective charisma for arousing others by 2 per rank
  • Catamite - Unlocks more options for being willingly receptive (Example: With this Perk, you can work at the brothel without becoming a "slut" first)
  • Quickfooted - Increases stability as if having higher agility by 2 per rank
  • Combat Finesse - Increases weapon skill bonuses as if having higher agility by 2 per rank
  • Strong Grip - Increases weapon grip regeneration by 1
  • Sunderer - Increases armor destruction on armor sundering attacks
  • Versatile - Decreases stability cost of techniques that changes stance from Balanced stance
  • Item Master - Adds a level of defense to item use
  • Cum Drinker - Restores small amount of health when swallowing cum
  • Easy To Please - When ejaculating, lust is decreased by a greater amount
  • Forager - Outcomes of foraging are more likely to be good
  • Stronger - Increases strenght by 1 per rank
  • Harder - Increases endurance by 1 per rank
  • Faster - Increases agility by 1 per rank
  • Smarter - Increases perception by 1 per rank
  • Witch - Increases magic by 1 per rank
  • Hotter - Increases charisma by 1 per rank
  • Perfect Botton - Skill at anal sex.
  • Crank Master - Skill at handjobs.
  • Blowjob Expert - Skill at oral sex.
  • Top - You like giving it.

Red Perks[edit | edit source]

Perk Description Contributes to a Bad End
Lady Of The Night You know how to make money with your...talents.
Mouth Maniac Loves suckin'it. Unlocks skills for fellatio.
Creampie Collector Loves to get cream-filled like a creampuff.
Cuckoo For Cuckoo You enjoy the company of feathered friends. x
Cum Connoisseur Loves to drink jizz.
Cock Lover Loves cocks. What else is there to say?
Beastmaster You've been... friendly with a few non-humanoid creatures.
Anal Addict Loves butt stuff. Or more accurately getting butt stuffed.Unlocks skills for anal. x
Knot Eater You love being tied together with a jawbreaker in your mouth. You interesting hobbies. x
Bitch You love being tied together with someone who's fucking your ass. You like yippy dog sex, and there's no shame in that. Well, some. x
Size Queen Likes 'em big. For a certain definition of "em" Be careful! x
Weak to Anal Weak to butt stuff. Causes quick pew pew while penetrated
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