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The Ogre is a giant humanoid creature who carries a big club as a weapon and is a rather common enemy. The Ogres seem to like having smaller creatures as their partners for pleasure — which ends really bad for the recipient.



Upon first meeting one, the Perception 3 check comes.

  • If you fail it, you're stumbling upon the Ogre, and instantly get to know really close their gigantic shaft with consequences being considerable.
    • If failing the next Endurance 4 check — it's a Game Over. Otherwise you can get away with gaping hole.

If passing the first check, the game will tell you about a sleeping ogre holding to a stash of gems. You can choose to:

  • Steal. Agility 7 check following, which allows you to go away with just 20 of gold. If your Agility is only 5, you wake the Ogre up and engage in a battle. If you fail the check, the Ogre will simply smash Hiro.
  • Ambush. Agility 5 is needed, or s(he) attacks first.
    • Ranged attack
    • Sneak attack
    • Kick away club (they now spam one weaker attack).

If s(he) still has a club, attacking pattern is Raise Club (Offensive stance) and hit with it (Balanced stance), which can be exploited easily. Don't try to seduce the Ogre, and avoid Full Nelson if you did — it's the same as being defeated, getting gargantuan boner all the way in.

If you lose, you get to really taste the defeat and pay with organs rearranged. You also gain a rank in Size Queen. Each time you lose, a check in this perk comes. Having 3 would mean a Game Over.

If you win, you get 50GP from her/him and 5 XP. Keep in mind that after you get money from her/him, you won't ever encounter the Ogre sleeping anymore.


After you steal from or make the Ogre hand over her/his gems, s(he) will always just attack you. The punishment for defeat is the same.


Sometimes instead of the Ogre you first meet an adventurer, looking for a giant woman to have his fun. You can either warn him, that ogres are dangerous, or let him do what he wants. In the last case you'll see pretty soon how the tables were turned for him together with his intensities.

If you warn him, he lets you look for the Ogre woman yourself, and you soon find her. Now you can:

  • Try to fight.
    • Focus on dodging, Agility 4 check. You know what comes where, if you fail.
      • Attack from behind: you're distracted by her rear, and your head suddenly comes all the way in. You spend some time there and lose 200 Dignity.
      • Attack while she's off balance: she runs away crying...
    • Go between her legs: she'll catch you and use your fingers on your hole, which doesn't feel quite bad.
    • Attack directly: once again, you make her cry and run away.
  • Try to reason, Agility 6 check following, failing means... huge problems.
    • Retreat while you can.
    • Offer to... help (requires Size Queen rank 1+).
      • Rub her dick (requires no chastity worn): you get naked and give her sausage the passionate hugging and rubbing.
      • Oral: the fire hydrant drinking experience.
      • Pose: you give her a show, and she is okay with doing all by herself.

If you don't scare her/get impaled, you always end up sleeping in her embrace, and catching her night emissions orally.


The Ogre currently has indefinite position when the Futa+ option is turned off. Only in a few scenes male variant of the Ogre is shown. In other cases including the battle (but not for a portrait) it's femme artwork. It can be assumed that at some point the male artwork and pronouns will be removed entirely.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Game Over Game Over (Femme)