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Nagas are vicious and crueal beasts that live in caves and wait for their victim, patiently or very impatiently.



Before going to her, you should scout the area for a level 3+. That will start a battle. If you won't, Naga will use you to satisfy her curiosity about how human mouth works. That gives you a choice between serving her two thick inhumanly shaped organs (has own artwork) or her cloaka.

Battle may be tough. Her unique grappling stance will result in your death if losing. Arousing her may help. If you're defeated, it's also a Game Over, and Hiro will have to feel it fully (has an artwork).

Victory means three choices:

  • Blowjob (cruel sadistic Naga's mouth is a foolish choice)
  • Actually impregnate a monster
  • Just leave

Mating Naga[]

Encountered in the Wastelands and so on. You interrupt her on having fun with another naga, causing her partner to flee. She's pissed off and tries you in a ”Game”, which means fight, offering you 20 GP if you win. If you're defeated, she takes you as her play toy forever, which means Game Over. You can just decline right away and continue your journey.

Naga (Cave-In)[]

You're a bit lost in the caves, and you encounter a Naga. You can Attack right away or Talk. If you decide to talk, she will tell you you're hopelessly lost and that she can help you... in exchange for worshipping her two horny breeding organs. You have the following choice:

  • On your knees. She keeps her promise if you're an obedient hero.
  • With a forked tongue (Charisma 6 required): you'll convince her to show you the way first, then you flee while you can.
  • Reject her: this option works exactly as being defeated in her battle. You need to pass Agility 6 and Perception 5 checks to get away with it.

Fail one of those checks, and you're gonna get those two spears in heat right where you wanted them less. Then there are different outcomes, bad, worse, and the worst:

  • If you're having goblin eggs in you (from meeting female goblin, losing and failing all her checks), you're gonna get pregnant by Naga. She will feed you, and use your mouth until you deliver her children. Then you're free to go.
  • If you don't have them, with Charisma 4 you can offer another turn of serving her with both your holes, than leave.
  • With no eggs you may also silently endure being used by horny Naga until she gets enough and leads you outside.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Anal Anal (Cum)
Anal (Cage) Anal (Cum Cage) Oral