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The Minotauress is a Minotaur like creature that resides in the Labyrinth (Mossy Expanse). She's pretty lonely there, and actually quite nice, willing to embrace anybody who wants it and let them enjoy themselves with her outstanding bust. But better not to try to fool her, because she's also strong as bull and won't take pity on those who want to pass without proving their worth.


You see Minotauress on her post. You can:

  • Approach her: she gives you a warning.
    • Keep going: initiate a battle.
    • Say you're here to see her: see below.
    • Sneak past: same as run past below.
  • Say you're here to see her: she's glad and embraces you with her tits.
    • Drink her bull milk? You know what ”milk” bulls have, right. Unlocks artworks.
    • Milk me? (no chastity worn): receive some titjob, and you're free to go.
    • Fuck me (low purity/Catamete perk): get a good stretching. In your legs and bowels both.
    • Try to sneak past: see next.
  • Run past: bad idea, as no matter what you do you can't navigate the labyrinth. She'll get on you, and you can choose:
    • Plead: you can play a game with her, where she gives you a head start, and if she catches on you, you get screwed. Passing a Perception check, you can escape — but not sooner than you get stuffed twice.
    • Stay silent: just take it.


She has 120 health and a lot of Strength, too. Avoid grappling with her (by ending a fight as soon as you can). If you don't possess a significant strength yourself, it may end with being dominated. Overall Minotauress sure is one of the strongest opponents on the second map. She can be satisfied both ways.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Anal Anal (Cum)
Standing Oral Oral (Squint)
Oral (Look Down) Oral (Narrow) Oral (Down)
Oral (Deep)