Tales of Androgyny Wiki


The Minotauress is a Minotaur like creature that can be encounter near the outpost on the tile called the "The Labyrinth" in the mossy expanse.



  • Approach Her
    • If you approach her, she gives you a warning.
    • Still come forward?
      • Keep going
        • This initiates combat.
      • Say you're here to see her
        • Functions exactly the same as the one below (see below).
      • Try to sneak past
        • Functions the same as Run past (see below).
  • Say you're here to see her
    • Drink her bull milk?
      • Yes
        • Hiro will give her a blowjob.
      • Milk me? (Requires: Free cock)
        • Hiro will get a titfuck from her.
      • Fuck me. (Requires: Slut)
        • Hiro will get butt fucked by her,
      • Try to sneak past
        • Same as Run past (see below).
  • Run past
    • Hiro is chased through the Labyrinth, until caught and butt fucked by her.


The Minotauress is a strong opponent due to her grappling, which can result in her raping Hiro and ending combat. It is recommended to have high strength to avoid losing the grappling. Aside from that, her hits can be parried or blocked to make her lose stability, and then she can be counter attacked. Ensure that sufficient armor is acquired to tank her hits.

Combat outcomes:

  • Victory
    • She is surprised by Hiro's combat prowess, and she'll allow Hiro to pass.
  • Defeat
    • Combat ends and she performs anilingus before butt fucking Hiro.
    • Contains an anal virginity check.
  • Submission (Oral)
    • If Hiro gives her a blowjob, either voluntarily or via being grappled while knelt, it will end combat and she'll allow Hiro to pass.
  • Submission (Anal)
    • If Hiro is butt fucked by her, either submitting or via being grappled, it will end combat and she'll allow Hiro to pass.
  • Surrender
    • Same as defeat (see above).


  • She mentions that she is under orders to guard The Labyrinth from someone (presumably the Demon King), though at this point it has not been expanded upon. She does refer to meeting the Dullahan ("I once met a girl with no head, she knew how I felt. But she has her place to guard, and I've got mine, sweetie.") but Hiro will not bring up meeting the Dullahan(?).
  • Upon defeating her in combat, she mentions that Hiro is strong enough to defeat the demons that follow, presumably the Jester and Dark Knight.
  • She is a repeatable encounter, as moving back to her tile will trigger the initial encounter scene again. This indicates, that no matter the choices currently made (as of v0.2.20.0) she will not remember the outcomes.