Tales of Androgyny Wiki


The Mermaid is a creature encounter on your first trip across a river on the map. An agility skill check will play to see if you can reach her.

After you reach her you are given two option

  • Ask to pass (Has a charisma check)
  • Ask to fuck her (Requires: Free Cock)

If you agree to she will allow cum inside her before informing your that mermaids laid their eggs in their mates. She let you put something in her and so you should let her put "something" in you. If you agree she will lay eggs in you. But if you don't a charisma skill check will trigger, according to the level you may just leave, leave "with a warning" or trigger a fight with her. The eggs will hatch over time. Once they have hatched you have to go back to the mermaid to birth them. She will then ask if you would like to go again. If you say yes the process repeats. If you say no she will be sad but let's you leave. She will proposition you again every time you pass her location. There will be three option now

  • Have eggs (Requires: Free Cock)
  • Get Married
  • Nah

The first option repeats the whole cycle of pregnancy and birth.

The second option is a game end with you being her nursery

If you are wearing the chastity cage the only option is to pass by.