Tales of Androgyny Wiki

The Mermaid is a creature encountered on your trip across the river. She's quite fond of the values of maternity, but in a sense her people understand it — which involves unfortunately letting males carry the eggs. Oh, she will be willing to make it as comfortable as possible for you, but does ”a hundred of eggs in your guts” sound comforting?


An Endurance stat check will play to see if you can reach her, thinking it's a drowning human. If it's below 3, you're getting -10 health, and she's the one responsible for your rescue.

After you reach her (or don't), if you're wearing a chastity cage, you can only pass by. Otherwise you are given two options:

  • Ask to pass
  • Ask to fuck her (requires no chastity worn)

If you agree to, she will allow you to cum inside of her before informing you that mermaids lay their eggs in their mates. She let you put something in her, and so you should let her put "something" in you in return. If you agree with her proposition, she will lay eggs in you. But if you don't, a Charisma check will trigger. According to your stat you may either just leave, leave with warning that it's only for this time, or trigger a fight.

If you lose the battle, you'll have no choice, but to receive those eggs. With the Charisma 5 you can convince her to do it in your mouth — but will that really matter?

After getting egged[]

The eggs will hatch over time if received. Until then your Agility is at -1. Once you've got the message in the overworld that the eggs are ready, you have to go back to the Mermaid to give birth to them (or it will just happen in the overworld eventually). There will be the three options from now on when visiting her island:

  • Have eggs: all the cycle of pregnancy and birthing repeats.
  • Get Married (requires low purity/Catamite perk and no chastity worn). A Game Over where you're basically becoming a living eggpouch.
  • Nah. She's a bit upset, but lets you leave.