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By “magic” are understood the spells you can cast in battle. The spells must be learned and upgraded with the soul crystals, which you receive with each new level gained, if your Magic stat is 2 or more.[1] Every spell has a <n>required</n> Magic stat.

Additionally, the higher is your initial Magic stat, the higher will your maximum mana count be, which is used as the resource for casting spells. By learning the Focus Energy spell from activating the Golem[2] you can also access mana from your mana reserve. Also by soothing her and asking for help with Charisma 5 you can get the mana restoring items, and some additional soul crystals.

The more powerful is the spell, the more turns you need for accessing the corresponding stance. Healing and attacking spells have the three ranks/levels of effectiveness, the cost of learning it further is one crystal higher each rank.


Healing spells restore the user's HP. Their effect is improved by your Magic stat. You can learn the simplest one from Kylira, if you're good friends (also he heals you in battle).

Healing spells
Name Mana Pow./Pow. per rank Magic Effect In stance
Aide 5 2/1 2 Heal Balanced
Heal 10 7/3 4 Heal Casting
Revitalize 15 15/5 6 Heal Deep Casting


The attacking spells always ignore the armor and attempts at blocking/evading/parrying any of them. They have the bonus damage, and also are scaling from your Magic stat. Attacking spells have elemental affiliations, different enemies have their weakness and tolerance to different elements.

Attacking spells
Name Mana Bonus/Bonus per rank Magic Type In stance
Embers 5 –/1 2 Fire Balanced
Flames 3 3/2 4 Fire Casting
Inferno 6 7/4 6 Fire Deep Casting
Chill 5 –/1 2 Ice Balanced
Frost 3 3/2 4 Ice Casting
Freeze 6 7/4 6 Ice Deep Casting
Shock 6 1/1 2 Electric Balanced
Smite 4 5/2 4 Electric Casting
Lightning 7 9/4 6 Electric Deep Casting


Incure status effects. They all require only Magic 2 to be learned (remember you need the sufficient mana, too).

Name Mana Effect From stance
Warmth 3 Causes overheating to self, cures frostbite. Casting
Cool 3 Causes cooling to self, cures being ablaze. Casting
Titan Strength 2 Increases own Strength. Casting
Gravity 3 Doubling stamina cost, and halving stamina regeneration for the duration. Casting
Weakening Curse 7 Halves Strength score for the duration. Casting
Reforge 3 Return durability to own armor. Casting
Oil 3 Coat enemy in oil, instability and flammability increased. Casting
Paralyze 8 Requires 7 Magic. Prevent enemy action for the duration. Deep Casting
Hypnosis 12 Preventing offensive actions from the enemy. Casting
Intoxicate 15 The enemy gets drunk. Casting
Invisibility 10 The enemy doesn't see you for the duration. Deep Casting
Sleep 5 Puts to sleep. Casting
Power Word: Cum 5 The enemy gets oozed. Deep Casting
Phantasmal Shield 5 Protect self with ethereal shield, functioning like a real one. Deep Casting

Unique spells[]

Can only be learned from other characters.

  • Focus Energy — will let you access your reserve mana pool for additional mana. Learned when you activate the Golem.
  • Curse Lift — can lift curses. The reward from the Kylira's quest.
  • Deep Focus — get additional mana from your reserve mana pool. The reward from the Trudy's quest.
  • Quickcast — consumes 6 mana, you go from the Balanced stance to Deep Casting. The reward from the Trudy's quest.


  1. After Magic 2 each three stats in Magic you get an additional soul crystal per level.
  2. Or Deep Focus from Trudy for that matter.