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Lura, AKA Mouth Fiend (in pictures gallery), is a noblesse, actually a princess of a small kingdom. Her family was cursed, everyone killed but her, which probably contributed to her maniacal obsession with oral insertions, and sadism. She currently is looking for a ”husband” and is willing to turn him into her personal toy for ever.

Them with Brothel Madame seem to know each other well enough, so it's better to not piss them off. Because what may seem like the cruelest punishment is simply an amusement for Lura, and Madame knows it quite well.


For bringing her interest you'll need to hire either Daisy or Rose in the Brothel twice, and each time make them deepthoat while failing the check in Charisma (7 or 12 correspondingly). Note it results in being banned from hiring anybody else.

Wait until the sunrise, then visit the Town Square in Silajam. She'll approach Hiro and tell him she's the biggest fun — arranged by the Brothel Madame naturally. There are in total four distinct scenarios of how your trip to her estate, Buccara, may go.

Express marriage[]

If you meet her with a Ring Gag equipped, purchased from the Strange Merchant, she will lose her control and ram you in the nearest alley, then continue doing it all the way to her castle. Months are skipped until the final description of your life in a ”marriage” with her. There's no way to avoid a Game Over in this scenario.

No dignity[]

When you are not wearing a specific gag, her goon will try to kidnap you when she is talking to you, and the only way to avoid it is having a Perception stat 8. You can return next morning, though, and she will just offer you to sit in her carriage which ends the same way.

You wake up in chains lying in her dungeon. She will explain that she is a noble lady whose lands were blessed by a mysterious fairy, but family — cursed when her father gone slightly against their deal. Now she wants you to ”marry” her and offer your mouth for her personal use until the end of days to make the place less lonely.

You can answer Yes and then fail the check in low Dignity. Amused by your eagerness, she will ask you to prove it, and you have to Stick out your tongue. Then there will be a check in no Dignity at all, failing leads to the unique sensual scenario. Not failing any of those checks, or choosing a different option will lead to usual torturing scenario (see below).


Not wearing a Ring Gag, and being kidnapped either of ways, you are carried to her castle and can listen to her story of fair fairies, and first love who liked to suck on her fingers. She is threatening you that escape is practically impossible. Then she offers you a marriage, and you can say:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Insult her

Except failing in check of no Dignity, every answer on every question will lead you to the same result. She can explain you thoroughly why mouth is superior to any body hole. She won't even consider leaving your mouth alone. If it is a dream, she sure likes it. You don't need to know a passcode her guard is using. You will have plenty of her D when the time comes, and that's the only thing you will eat for a while. In the wilderness around the castle it's very dangerous. Her semen wants release much more than you need to want. Restroom is covered in the dungeon. She is pretty sure you're completely in her grasp. Her fetishes don't bother her, while your eagerness is pleasant. Her balls feel like they weigh a few pounds, and her goo is gonna be enough to fill the teacup. The door is really safe, you don't even need to try to escape, and if you really think she's pretty, she appreciates that.

Then she announces to you she wants to save up for your first night, leaving you hungry for the three days straight. When she returns, she gives you a make up which is then spoiled by her cream she gladly lets out on your face. She's planning to save some more in the next three days, and leaves you, while suddenly you spot the key she dropped in all the excitement. You get free from your chains and then have a choice:

  • Pretend to reshackle yourself
  • Actually do it
  • Try to break the door open

Second and third are ultimately robbing you of your hope to leave the castle. If you choose the first, when you will have an opportunity to flee, stay on the road (to not fall the victim of the fairy in the woods). Wait for a day near the outpost, and you can escape and return to the beginning of the first map, losing -72 food and a kiss in the end of the day.

If you don't use your chance to run away or if you get spotted, you're left in the dungeon for another three days, until she comes massaging her shaft before your face again, this time making sure you taste everything. Then it's the whole week of starvation, and finally she comes to wear a ring gag on you, and it's a long scene of her enjoying herself from the very bottom of her wicked heart. She gives you a choice for finishing:

  • Deep: challenge of trying to breath with seven inches down your throat, while also using your lips and mouth like a hooker with experience.
  • Hard: she will make you puke and enjoy it.

Then it's description of her continuous sadism against Hiro, countless blowjobs he has to give, and him growing absolutely accustomed to it and losing all the will to fight back. Game Over.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Underwear Transparent
POV(Eyes) POV(Balls) POV(Cock)
POV(Oral) POV(Oral 2) POV(Cum)


  • On the final stage of the Brothel Madame second questline, when exploring the Brothel, check the red door to see Lura forcing an unknown tied up man to give her a blowjob.
  • She is a one of a very few characters to have own sound effects. Not particularly exclusive to her, though.