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Lupa is a blonde Wereslut who can be recruited in the Brothel by finishing second Brothel Madame questline; also encountered in the Demon King Realm. She's constantly in mating heat, but not hostile, so there are options to sate this excitement without ”losses”. Will you?


Involves a lot of negotiations. Seems you get 5 EXP when they don't go the way you want, and 10 EXP when they're going exactly where you wanted, though topping and eating her also earns you five.


If you haven't scouted the area for level 3 or don't pass Perception 10 check or Agility 10, even if you did pass the following Perception 5 check you ultimately end up face to... throbbing shaft of hers. Next is check in Bitch score 3, and by failing Hiro with little regret will please Lupa as bottom. If you're not bitchy enough, the next choice of getting away without taking it in the mouth comes up:

  • You know you can't breed with my face?: Charisma 6 check follows. Get ready for a weird taste if it's failed. Otherwise:
    • Think about what breeding means: Perception 3 check. If passed, you have a next choice:
      • Pet her: ends encounter.
      • Say you love her: you said lovers do the breeding, and that's what you get, fully.
    • It won't fit in my mouth: if you don't pass Agility 6 check... well that's where you were wrong. If you do, it's the same as above:
      • Pet her
      • Say you love her
  • Offer help
    • Handjob
    • Eat ass (see next section)
    • Suck it
      • Touch yourself or not
  • Flail: no, you can't escape, and you'll make her angry.


If you have scouting 3/Perception 10/Agility 10, you can keep your distance when talking, so your options are:

  • Handjob
  • Lick her tailhole
    • Keep doing it: you'll need rank 5 in Ass Eater, or you'll be sorry. Maybe it was worth practicing with Brothel Madame?
    • Breed her: requires Top 10 + no chastity
    • Let her breed you: requires low purity/catamete perk
  • Offer to suck (need low purity/catamete perk)
    • Spit it into her mouth
    • Swallow
  • Offer to ”breed” you (low purity/catamete perk)
  • Offer breeding to her (need Top 5 + no chastity)
  • Just leave.

In Brothel[]

After choosing her in brothel Madame will ask you which service you want. Get mouth bred to get new (possibly) artwork. Each time you get mouth bred, Lupa's oral fixation will grow. The 4th time you mention Lupa, Madame will ask you to take responsibility for her fixation.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Oral Oral (Cum)
Worship Worship (Bone) Knot