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Kylira is an elf that forages magical mushrooms from the enchanted forest with the aid of his tortoise, and sells them to humans. He left the lands of his people in search of place where he belongs, and those who need his help. He's very gentle, and surprisingly (or not) very up to offering his gut for an action. Kylira can be made a companion in a second encounter (that means a free heal of 20 in battle when your health drops past ~12).


Encounter #1: he's offering you mushrooms. Accepting gives you 40 food, and a bit of affection. You can also decline. Encounter #2: you both spend time by the fire after Kylira tells you their troubles. Kylira will then attempt to kiss you, and this will give you a few options:

  • Kiss (wearing no chastity): fuck him, you on top.
  • Be Kissed: he fucks you, Kylira on top.
  • Deny

No matter which you choose, Kylira asks you what should they do, and you can offer:

  • Try the brothel (requires Charisma 7): from then on he's available for hire there, opening some unique scenes.
  • Join me (requires Charisma 5): make him your companion.
  • Become a healer (requires Charisma 3).
  • Go home

Scenes when traveling together[]


After Kylira joins you as your companion, you can chat with him in your camp. To spend time with Kylira and further raise affection, 8 charisma is required. After that you will be able to:

  • Talk
  • Learn healing magic (requires Magic 2). If you do accept, you will learn Heal and get some affection, spending a whole day with him.
  • Cuddle
  • Sit by the fire
    • Take him (no chastity worn)
    • Let him take you
    • On other thought... You leave Kylira quite frustrated, and if you have Trudy in camp, you can watch them getting close in his tent.
  • ”Cuddle”
    • Go for a walk (25 affection required + no chastity). Romantic scene.
    • Stay by fire

You also can trigger the scene with Kylira and Trudy giving you double fellatio, if you've spoken to Trudy and chose Let's call it a party (wear no chastity).

When you have Urka accompanying you, if you summon her and ask her (low purity/catamite required) to do you, Kylira may stumble upon you, and he'll get aroused. You then choose whether or not to share Urka.

Silajam inn[]

After acquiring Kylira as a companion, you can take him to the inn in the first town, and choose to sleep together with him, which makes him blush. There's a good reason for that: if you have enough affection, there's a variety of available actions. Wearing no chastity, you take him in various positions, or you can go for fisting. You can force him to give you facials. With Charisma 9 you can convince him to take the lead, and take you in Missionary. You can just cuddle in the bed.

If you have Trudy, Kylira, and Urka in your team, choose to sleep alone to be able to peek at them having an orgy, where Kylira is on receptive end.


You can offer Kylira to the Brigand if you talk to her and decline letting her lay with you. There's an artwork. You can offer him to the Catgirl, and Kylira is pretty soon going to take over the role of kitty in heat. There's also a bunch of his scenes during his questline.


Quest begins after going to a healing pond and choosing not to drink from it. While Kylira is a companion, go to a healing pond for a second time, and Kylira and Alara will interact, speaking in a language you can't understand.

If you already passed in your camp the Charisma 8 check choose talk and you'll be able to ask him about what their conversation with Alara was about. Next choice isn't important, but with affection 25 you can remind him you're lovers, and should trust each other. He will explain you that an elf can go through a ritual involving bathing in and drinking a certain cream of other species. You can ask him:

  • ”Human ones?”
  • ”What other kinds?”
  • ”Would mine help?” (required wearing no chastity). Ends a scene with getting to it.
  • ”Alright”. It ends the scene.

And so you have to find different humanoid/elfoid creatures for Kylira to get in his mouth. For the Innkeep you have to sleep in Silajam inn with Kylira, and choose the option for quest. For a Goblin you have to encounter a Female one once. The second time you choose the road to her lair, you can trigger the quest scene. For a Centaur you need to fail a scouting check, then have enough Purity/Willpower to get the next choice, and choose a quest. For a Wereslut you will have to find a Friendly type (better check Mossy Expanse), then choose to touch her tail, and then you can make Kylira do his thing (later you can also remind him to take it out).

Kylira certainly enjoyed every bit of this experience. His Affection with you grows every time. The quest should be ended with you talking to him again to discover this ritual is more of a search for your inner self. You can get the curse lifting spell from it.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Missionary

-In the inn, Charisma 9

Kiss Trudy

-Camp, go to Trudy, and party

w/ Trudy

-Trudy party choice

w/ Trudy + Hiro w/ Trudy + Urka
w/ Hiro

- Go on him in the inn, or Brothel

Inn Orgy

-Trudy and Urka in a team, sleep in the inn alone

Inn Orgy (Wet)
Brothel Brothel (Cum) Brothel (O-face)

-To weak: talk, decline, choose Kylira

Kiss Kiss (Smooch)
Kiss (Bedroom)