Description[edit | edit source]

Kylira is an elf that forages magical mushrooms from the enchanted forest, and sells them to humans, with the aid of their tortoise. Kylira can be made a companion after several encounters.


Encounters[edit | edit source]

  • Encounter #1: Upon first meeting, Kylira, they will offer to share mushrooms with you. You can either accept or decline. Accepting the meal will give you a food bonus.
  • Encounter #2: Meeting Kylira the second time, you both spend time by the fire after Kylira tells you their troubles. Kylira will then attempt to kiss you, and this will give you a few options.
  1. Kiss (Requires: Free cock)
  2. Be Kissed
  3. Deny

No matter which option you choose, another series of choices will appear when Kylira asks you what they should do.

  1. Try the brothel (Requires: Charisma 7)
  2. Join me (Requires: Charisma 5)
  3. Become a healer (Requires: Charisma 3)

Choosing the "Join me" option will allow Kylira to join you as your companion, and unlock certain scenes in other encounters.

After Kylira joins the player, he plays an undetermined role in the encounter with the elf at the Healing Pond, insofar you replied "Don't drink" at your first encounter. However, the options after the Kylira test remain exactly the same as if Kylira did not join. Still a mistery, or a further improvement to come.

Camp[edit | edit source]

After Kylira joins you as your companion, you can chat with them in your camp.

To spend time with Kylira in camp, 8 charisma is required.

Spending time with Kylira in camp will result in a sex scene, and an option to learn healing magic which requires 2 magic. If you do accept, you will learn a healing technique.

Inn[edit | edit source]

After acquiring Kylira as a companion, you can take them to the inn, where a variety of sex scenes can be played, depending on your choice.

Picture Grid[edit | edit source]


- Unlocked at beginning of game

Missionary w/ Trudy
w/ Trudy + Hiro w/ Trudy + Urka w/ Hiro
Inn Orgy In Orgy (Wet) Brothel
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