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The Jester is a DemonKing servant who appears at the end of the second map as the guardian of a way to the Outpost. She seems to be a powerful magician who can teleport at will or cast magic flames in an instant, though she prefers small tricks instead. Loves joking and embarrassing Hiro. Even her clothes are more of a joke than use.


When confronted she will offer the player their choice of “games„ they can play to prove their worth and pass including a battle. Losing any of these games will result in a ”punishment game”, usually satisfying her. For the Trudy quest she can play “a game of tag„ with him.

List of Games
Game Check to pass Punishment
Game of Skill AGI: 8 Oral (Giving)
Game of Luck (no chastity worn) Fake coin Get topped in cowgirl
Game of Knowledge ???

Unknown how to meet requirements

Game of Thrones PER: 8 Rimming
Game of Fowl END: 8 Handjob
Game of FIGHT Battle Cane insertion

Pervert Picture Grid[]

Normal Anal