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There are many useful items in the game: charms, weapons, armor, potions, etc. Most of them are bought (or stolen) from the stores, some can be found. Keep in mind that in ToA you usually buy things only once, and can't do it again in one run, with the exception of ammo and some consumables. Nor have you much of extra cash to spare.


Contain most of the items, and definitely the most useful ones. Almost all of them are in Ironia. Not only you can spend money there, every store will also buy anything of value (it's mainly spare Hunger Charms). Some stores selling equipment can additionally upgrade your equipment.


When perusing the wares, you always can switch to the Stealing mode, but your ability of getting the item for free depends on many factors. First of all it's your own Agility, so drinking a Cat Potion before sticky business is always an advantage (if you choose a potion set during a character creation, it can give you up to three of them).

Secondly, it's the cost of an item. For example, you may get away with a simple shield, — but try stealing a reinforced one, and it's more likely you will get caught. Finally, it's how perceptive the seller is. (With Agility 10 it's possible to steal 100+ gold worth from the Blacksmith, but in the Town of Monsters you will get caught even if you try getting a 50 gold item).

If your Agility is too low, you may get the message that you're being too closely watched. It may be sufficient enough to steal the item, but will get you caught, which means getting publicly raped by the townspeople (outside of towns you just will have to leave). If it's really high, you can get away with the item this time, but who knows how much else goes unspotted.[1]


With the introduction of combat skill Steal you can rob the enemies of items they may carry. Enemies, such as Goblins, may attempt the same, taking off you the first item in your inventory.


Equipment screen with nothing donned

It's fairly important, and you have to get for yourself a good build before leaving the first map.


Some things like armor and weapons have significant weight you'll have to deal with if you wear them. The maximum load you can carry is limited by the Endurance. The Penalty % is a percentage of the maximum load, going past which you gain penalties. The higher is the penalty, the more stamina you consume in battle.[2]

Types of equipment items[]

For a melee you need a weapon, scaling from the stat you have higher — Agility or Strength (or both, but right now one-stat ones have better damage). Or you could try dual wielding? If not, it's useful to have a shield, which is going to absorb hits partially while in Block.

Armor consists of protection for: the head, arms, legs, upper body, lower body, backdoor. It has durability, which is spent in battle and recovered once the battle has ended. The enemy can damage only one section of the body at once usually. With durability decreasing, armor will lose its damage reduction capabilities.

There are four slots for charms, one of which is usually occupied by the Hunger Charm. Also you can have a gag and a plug equipped, no one's going to judge. A chastity cage prevents you from using your member, limiting the dialogue and battle options. Note that as soon as you purchase it, it's going to be equipped, and only can be opened if you've got a key in your inventory (with bonus points or from the Blacksmith).

Cursed stuff[]

If you buy a Tiara of Control, know that it prevents you from using any offensive skills in battle. Also there's an Armor of Anal Torment, which actually is just a pair of panties that has own mind and will mimic the effect of chastity cage on you. To unequip them and make them ordinary items, you'll have to buy an Anticurse Scroll from a magical store (or maybe have a certain spell).

Items you get for free[]

You can begin the game already having some stuff on you. The Paladin has the Cage of Power and the Breastplate equipped from the start. You either begin the game with the Dagger or the Club as your weapon. The Ranger will also have a Bow. If you'll use one bonus point to get the clothing set, you can also receive the Helm, the Sabatons, and the Gauntlets.

Items found in Adventure
Item Found Usage
Worthless Slime For killing Slime Grants 1 additional defense for the duration.
Excellent Slime For defeating and sparing Slime Grants 3 additional defense for the duration.
Hunger Charm Found in Artefact caches when your scouting level is 3. Food's consumption decreasing by 1. Spare ones can be sold for 25GP.
Cage Equipped on you by the Strange Merchant the second time you peruse her wares Simple chastity cage preventing erections.
Bow or Arrows Defeat the Centaur, having no bow or having a bow Allow a ranged attack.
Mana Chunk Is given to you by the Golem when asking her for help (requires soothing her with magic, or having high Charisma) Restores a portion of mana.
The Gem Either giving a guy on the Town Square 30GP, giving 20 and having Charisma 4, or giving him master service Quest item that lets you get the Goddess's Blessing in the Witch's Cottage for free.
Spider Pass all the relevant checks and pat the spider in the Ruins Restores 5 hunger. But you eat a spider.
Masterwork Gladius Defeat Arachne Thrusting and slashing weapon whose efficacy is dependent on wielder's Strength and Agility. Weight: 15. Can be wielded with both hands. Causes Bleed. Damage: Base + 3 + (Strength + Agility) / 6. Upgrades: Forceful, Sharp.
Frozen Fire Break into the room in the Manor. Strength 6 or Magic 4 30 magic damage applied to enemy, usually 22 sheer damage.
Wind Scroll Break into the room in the Manor Tripping enemy.
Acid Scroll Break into the room in the Manor Applying a lot of damage to enemy's armor.
Ice Cream Found in the Artefact caches Can be given to the Golem if having enough Magic or Charisma for convincing it. She gives you a soul crystal then if asking for help.
Armor of Anal Torment Given by the Outpost store trader. If you accept it auto binds in place of your underwear Works as chastity cage. Does not prevent anal sex. Needs curse removal to unequip.


  1. Note that anything you've stolen can't be sold to anybody.
  2. Note that the Penalty % is changing due to technical reasons according to Endurance rising or decreasing. It shouldn't affect the penalty you experience.