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Isla is a holy guardian of the Town of Silajam. She protects it, and its people from all kinds of creatures of the night... by sleeping with them on regular basis. Which she actively denies, but is pretty poor at hiding. She can be found at the church in Silajam. Isla is one of a few characters completely desinterested in laying down Hiro, having a kink for bestiality instead.


First time you meet her, she denies your offer of getting rid of beasts, saying you're not the part of a church, but asking you to look for handsome monsters instead. When talking to Isla for a second time, you can ask her about quite a few things:

  • Vampires: she seems to be really attracted to vampires.
  • Ghosts: she will tell you that, against a ghost, your weapons will do nothing, and advice to not sleep if you suspect one is near.
  • Werewolves: she does not believe they exist. You can describe them to her if you've seen one before, and she finds some details of their anatomy suspiciously fascinating.
  • Dullahan: she will tell you they are fearsome revenants who carry their heads with them. Again, after meeting one, you can have a small chat about their appearance.
  • Herself: asking about herself will reveal that she is in need of a bigger codpiece to have enough room for her massive dong.

Finding a Bigger Codpiece[]

A kind of a questline with no practical importance is started when you choose the list of options listed above. To first acquire the codpiece, you must travel to the Outpost at the very end of the Mossy Expanse. There, you will find a merchant who sells one for 100 gold. Note you can't steal anything from him.

Returning it to her will reveal it is still too small. She suggests trying to enlarge it with magic. You can go to the Witch's Cottage (to the right from the river on the first map), and she will tell you that Vampires know the trick of enlarging one. This step isn't necessary.

Encounter the Vampires (if you'll have much trouble finding them, try to sleep in a inn to refresh the random encounters and look up the Mossy Expanse). Defeat Persephone for them to notice the codpiece, asking about it and leaving immediately.

Go back to the Town of Silajam, and talk to Isla about Vampires. You will explain to her that the Vampires know about enhancing the codpiece. Suddenly they enter the church, and it is revealed they have a long story together. A threesome between the Vampires and Isla will occur as you watch.

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