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The starting area. Contains both towns in the game, and thus almost every item store. All the possible companions also appear in Ironia. You'll spend a lot of time there if you want to clear some questlines and other activities. Moving past the second town you can discover the entrance to the Verdant Valley, land of Giantess, if going left. Going right you can move to the next map.

The Town of Silajam[]

Town of Silajam

As the only human settlement open to visit it comes with many locations and characters to interact with.

  • General store has food and numerous potions to purchase.
  • Blacksmith provides an array of gear to protect yourself or harm another.
  • Inn. Run by the Innkeep this gracious establishment can always offer the alternative ways of payment for an adventurer in need. Here, the player can find some privacy for him and his friends, and have some spicy scenes depending on which party members have been recruited.
  • Bank. Low on gold? Get a loan! Just don't forget to have your money to pay it off ready, the debt collector is... enthusiastic.
  • Brothel is run by the Brothel Madame. It is the perfect place to spend... or earn some gold. Just don't be rough with the girls.
  • Carriages. Can save you some time, if you already know what settlement you want to visit. Costs 10 gold.
  • Town Square is a place to maybe listen to some rumors or to the Towns Crier. When it's nighttime, dark alleys welcome anybody itching to put their mouth to work.
  • Church. Home of the protector, even if she seems a little shy and strange.

The Town of Monsters[]

Town of Monsters

As the name implies this town is home to many beasts, however they are more likely to swindle you than attack you, unless of course you enter the Arena.

  • An inn in there is only suitable for sleeping. And using the restroom if you can't hold everything inside.
  • General store this time is selling magical scrolls and stats raising gear, but most notably a Full-Plate armor, which will cost you serious money and provide significant protection.
  • Tavern. You can meet a really intimidating lady there, tell some stories if you are in the mood, or go into the backrooms equipped with really suspicious holes. Just don't drink too much, or you may get robbed, and more then one way.
  • The Manor. A place where a dark magician knowing some nasty spells is residing. Don't you want a beautifully gothic mistress by any chance?
  • Carriage. Only can bring you to Silajam.
  • Shacks. Don't enter alone. But you still will, yeah?
  • Arena is a place to get some gold and experience, if you can put up a fight. There are three circles of enemies, each makes you fight three opponents in a raw, the strongest being Puca and Arachne.

Other places of interest[]

Island of the Mermaid

  • Island. Location of the Mermaid.
  • Ruins. The location for the encounter with the Spider. With Perception 6 you can find money and food there. With any boots equipped you can also fight Arachne, but if you are barefooted, stay away for now.
  • Fort is not finished for Adventure yet.
  • Witch's Cottage. You'll need to talk to a guy on the Town Square who knows how to kill Quetzal, only then the witch will talk to you. She may sell you many magical items like charms and scrolls (and if you steal something, she can't do much about it). She handles to you the Goddess' Blessing in return for either 100 gold, some of your experience points, or for free if you have a certain gem.
  • Altar under the Angel's watch. After you encounter her once, it becomes a one-way portal to Silajam.

Mount Xiuh[]

Mount Xiuh world map icon

The location of a boss fight for this area with the Dark Goddess Quetzal, which may require starting a questline. Or being really cute and knowing how to handle ladies.

List of encounters[]

Around first town[]

Around second town[]

Near the ending of the map[]

  • Naga normal
  • Feral Wereslut
  • Wasp normal
  • Brigand Thief
  • Harpy Aggressive
  • Goblin Horde
  • Quetzal, only on the Mount Xiuh tile