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The innkeeper is the woman (man if futa+ is disabled) in charge of the inn at the Town of Silajam. She can assign you a room for 10 gold. You can either bunk alone, or with one of your companions.

However, if you lack the funds to buy a room, she will offer you a free room if you suck her off. You can repeat this and she will ask for more than just a fellatio in return. (anal sex with her topping you off). If are wearing a chastity cage, she will pass a comment on it as well.

You can return to her to again if you want to just provide sexual services instead of staying in the inn.

If you return enough times, you get the option to marry her

Picture Grid[]

Normal BJ Masc BJ Masc (Cum)
BJ Masc (Cage) BJ Masc (Cage Cum) BJ Masc Skirt
BJ Masc Skirt (Cum) BJ Femm BJ Femm (Cum)
BJ Femm (Cage) BJ Femm (Cage Cum) BJ Femm Skirt
BJ Femm Skirt (Cum)


  • The Innkeeper is one of a few characters effected by the futa+ mode. When this setting is not enabled she will be a man.