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The harpy is encountered in multiple biomes. the harp can cause bleeding damage in combat and can be defeated by reducing her hp to zero, satisfying her anally or orally, or getting her drunk enough. She can be lost to by surrendering or by being defeated. Servicing her in any way MAY result in gaining the perk "Cuckoo For Cuckoo" (up to level 3). Her cum "tastes oily and salty and like something not for human consumption".

There are a few types of encounters. The "flocking" type encounter will give the option to steal up to 2 eggs that grant +20 hunger each if successfully stolen agility check of 6 and 8. .Stealing any amount of eggs will result in fighting a Elite Harpy, else it will return to the world map. the "Aggressive" type encounter, will give the option to shoot the harpy (requiring a bow and arrows) "Open Wide" (Requires Slut + Charisma 5), or "dodge". Dodging will preform 2 Agility checks of 7 and 3. If both agility checks are passed the player will be returned to the world map. If one Agility check is failed, the harpy will deal 10 damage and the same 3 options will appear. after dodging for a third time, the harpy will land and start a fight. If both skill checks are failed, the harpy will blow a hot load of bird cum in your ass.

Picture Grid (Harpy)[]

How to do
Normal Encounter her.
Harpy censored.png
Anal Remain in a face down position during a fight.
Fellatio 1
Fellatio 2 HarpyBJ2.png
Fellatio 3
Fellatio 4
Butt Hold HarpyButtHold.png
Anal (Pov) HarpyTopAnal.png

Picture Grid (Elite Harpy)[]