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The Harpy is a common weak enemy encountered in many biomes. They're completely uncivilized, but sentient and can sometimes talk. Two types should be distinguished: common and Elite, both have own gallery. Their behaviour in battle is similar (with more stats and skills for Elite): they adopt Flying stance, then use Aerial attack (can be avoided by Kneeling), repeat four times until a break; if they're hard, they will try to mate with Hiro's mouth (again, avoided with Kneeling). Both can be satisfied orally or by being taken from behind. Their cream "tastes oily and salty and like something not for human consumption".

Common Harpy[]

In the beginning of the game the player encounters simple mating Harpy, and if the area isn't scouted enough and they have rank 3 of Mouth Maniac, it ends with swallowing eleven inches instantly. With passing the scouting check you can just fight. If losing, Hiro is taken to the nest and then from behind. It grants Cuccoo for Cuccoo perk, and losing to Harpy when your rank reaches 3 in it is a Game Over and achievement.

By winning you get the next options:

  • Dive into her guts (no chastity worn, of course)
    • Retire from your journey with her or not. If you do, it's a Game Over, and your life with new wife is described. You can arouse her in the bath by:
      • Kissing
      • Touching
      • Sucking, which leads to a choice between keeping doing it or move on
        • Finally you choose between massaging her meat while taking her from behind, or leaving it hanging.
  • Sit on her shaft (low purity/catamete perk required)
  • Leave

Agressive type is encountered later on. With Charisma 5 + low purity Hiro may just calm her down with his mouth. It's possible to shoot an arrow. If you decide to dodge, you get three checks in Agility, each can be either passed with 7 so you just part ways, or passed with 3 so you get 10 damage each time and eventually start a fight; or failed completely with consequences for bottom part of Hiro. Winning in a bttle is the same as with mating type.

Picture Grid (Harpy)[]

Easy way to get
Normal Encounter her.
Harpy censored.png
Anal Remain in a face down position during a fight.
Fellatio 1 Don't dodge the bombdive in a fight.
Fellatio 2 HarpyBJ2.png
Fellatio 3
Fellatio 4
Butt Hold Lose. HarpyButtHold.png
Anal (Pov) Defeat her and choose first option. HarpyTopAnal.png

Elite Harpy[]

Leader for a flock. In a flocking type encounter that may happen in the second map and so on you can choose to steal an egg or two for +20 food each (or just leave). You meet an Elite Harpy, and there's a check in 8 and 6 Agility to not lose each egg while trying to step back. Then you engage in a fight, with basically the same outcomes as with common Harpy, though there's no Retire option.

Breeding Grounds[]

Another type of encounter appers starting from Wastelands. It's a breeding season for Harpies, and a common one will perform a dance for you trying to get you as mate.

  • If for some reasons you decide to Reciprocate, it is a scene of being eagerly bred by Harpy on place and then being taken to the nest where you can:
    • Try to talk
    • Touch her face: the only option that lets you leave, others just give another mating scene and return you to the choices.
    • Touch her boobs
    • Touch her... member
  • Fight

After fighting off the first Harpy you meet an Elite one, and you can:

  • Fight
  • Run and possibly be captured and used as a Harpy mate
  • Talk
    • You need Charisma 8 to convince them to let you leave, otherwise...
    • Convince two Harpies with your lips. There will be a check in perks Blowjob Expert 2 and Crank Master 1, failing any of them means they'll start a fight for Hiro's face and end up banging it together.

Picture Grid (Elite Harpy)[]

Normal Anal Fellatio 1
Fellatio 2 Fellatio 3 Fellatio 4