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The golem is a humanoid enemy which can be found mostly in the forest terrains after the first town.

Robotic enemy claiming to be constructed by ”Mysteria the Magnificent”, which's practically a gift for those relying on magic, as it is a source of mana restoring items and soul crystals. Beware though, as it may be tough for unprepared travelers. Doesn't seem to actually have a mind, just a program, but a curious one indeed.


Hiro is attracted to a statue in the woods bearing feminine features. While examining it, he can fail deliberately (or while drunk) to notice anything of importance, and go away losing a bit of time and food. If the check in Magic 1 is passed, he's given a choice to leave, or touch the statue. Last option gives him a soul crystal — but Golem is activated.

At this point you can:

  1. Dominate her having Magic 5
  2. Soothe with Magic 5
  3. Calm with Magic 3
  4. Brace Yourself

Keep in mind that if you dominated (1) it, second time you meet Golem it will attack, having own settings messed up. But for now it gives you 5 soul crystals in total and the next choice:

  • Demand tribute, meaning Mana Chunk additionally.
  • Demand pleasure, meaning getting stone piston where it doesn't belong.
  • Ask to fight her
  • Tell her to shut down.

If you've chosen the last option (4), you receive 20 damage and immediately engage in battle. It's armored, hitting well, and using magic attacks. Losing means getting a piston up the Hiro's guts. If you defeat the Golem, you can see it's barely a scratch, but now you can:

  • Ask for help (Charisma 5 required), which leads to receiving a Mana Chunk, mana restoring item
  • Ask for... scratching some itch you seemingly have inside of you (need low purity/Catamete perk)
  • Leave

If you manage to calm (2) or soothe (3) her, you will be getting the following choice from now on with one soul crystal each time you meet new Golem (with the only difference that when calming, you also need to pass the Perception 4 check, or you may receive something you didn't really ask for):

  • Ask for help (Charisma 5 required) and get the Mana Chunk
  • Ask about her to find out she actually wants an ice cream. And to empty her tanks inside someone... The previous choice repeats with new options
    • Ask for... help (requires low purity/Catamete) her piston may offer
    • Give her ice cream (requires finding one in Artefact cache, not consumables). She likes it. If you ask for help with Charisma 5, she will give you a soul crystal now.
  • Ask to fight her
  • Bid her farewell: know that if you choose that, you won't meet other Golems anymore. Meaning no soul crystals at meeting them.

If you've chosen bid her farewell, next time you meet this particular Golem. For some reason she wants to learn love with you. So you can answer:

  • Platonically, having normal choice after that.
  • By seducing her (requires low purity/Catamete)
    • Bend over, and she asks about the rhythm. Spoiler: she likes it fast, and you won't.
    • Get on your knees and catch her load right in the mouth. You can choose whose load will that be, if you really care...

Picture Grid[]

Normal Piston Piston(Blur)
Piston(Bloat) Piston(Blur+Bloat)