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 The golem is a humanoid enemy which can be found mostly in the forest terrains after the first town.

  • Average length: 9 Inches
  • average girth:8 inches
  • average ejaculation: 14.0 ml of semen


This enemies can be found accesessing the zone around the monster town in, mostly in forest terrains. Upon meeting one the hero will be drawn towards a statue with femenine figure and given the choice to either touch the statue or walk away.

Given the "touch the statue" option is chosen a skill check will trigger, if magic is lower than three the statue will jump directly to combat and make you lose 20 hp previously. if magic is three or higher you'll be given three choices, "soothe her";"calm her";"dominate her". This choices alter how the npc adresses the player. After this you'll have the choices to "ask her to spar","to talk about herself","ask for help" and finally "ask for...help". Asking her to spar ends up in a fight, talking about herself opens up dialogue choices with an item, ask for help makes her give you mana chunks and "ask for... help" gives you an scene.

Regarding the dialogue options from talking about herself, if you have an "ice cream", an  item which can be found in relic caches around the map. will open up extra dialogue and another scene after you ask for...help.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Piston Piston(Blur)
Piston(Bloat) Piston(Blur+Bloat) /////