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Goblins are fierce mischievous creatures with an enormous libido and inhuman life cycle. They show excitement by laughing, and are used to the dirty stuff, especially ”butt-to-mouth”.

Two kinds of goblins should be distinguished: female named Selkie and males. They have different encounters scenario and technically different artworks, though similar. And if you think males are the most dangerous of the species, you're very wrong.



For some reason female goblin can be often met when you sleep/rest in a camp, coming at night to ride face. There is a Perception check to wake up. There's also a low purity/Catamete option to pretend you didn't; in this case you choose letting her either take your front or the rear.

If you fail to wake up, it's a face banging (with an artwork). Passing the check and then Standing up means fighting, and in case of loosing you will see from POV what she does to Hiro's face.


If you traverse the forest occupied by the Female Goblin, the first time you spot the ”KEEP OUT” sign you can choose to just pass by. If you didn't, you'll meet Selkie. No matter how it ends, the next time if you don't go different way you will only have an option of starting a battle (or making either Trudy or Kylira have their fun). So, the first encounter.

  1. It start with Perception 7 and Perception 4 checks. If you fail both, you get Agility 5 check. If it's failed, next checks follow: Endurance 7 or wearing a helm. If you fail both, you're getting knocked out and will be used in sleep.
  2. If you did pass the Perception 4, you get Agility 7 and Agility 5 checks. Passing Agility 7 means final check in Strength 5 to disarm and catch her. You have a next choice then: put her down, which lets you get a blowjob, though she spits it in your mouth; put her on the ground (requires usable member) to enjoy a green hole; turn her over your knee and give her a spanking.
  3. If you passed Perception 4, and Agility 5, but didn't pass Agility 7 or Strength 5, you will be directed to the following options:
  • Catch her (Agility 5):
    • Attack
    • Block: same, but you start a battle in Defensive.
    • Let her go: she goes away.
  • Trip her (Agility 4) — and now you can only fight or flee.
  • Disarm her (Agility 3) — same as catching.
  • Avoid her (Agility 2) — a battle will start.
  • Nothing — she cuts your pants, and gets in, then the battle starts.

In combat everything is pretty basic. She will start seducing after some time in battle. You can satisfy her both ways or dominate, but it will take many, around five ejaculations. If you let her top you, you get... egged! Seems goblins' biology is very original. Same result — for losing and failing consecutive Perception 3-1 checks. To get rid of eggs you will have to get creampied by either a Harpy, a Wereslut, or a Centaur. After some walking/resting in overworld you give birth.


It doesn't just end this way after becoming momma. You can then return to Selkie's lair and tell her that eggs are gone — and definitely Hiro came for more fun. If you have Charisma 5, you can ask to just be pounded, otherwise it means another pack of eggs.

There's a certain bond between you now. After that encounter you can go into the Town of Monsters and meet her there (entering anything), which can be turned into a one-time date. And there's no way Hiro comes out of it clean. Because of goblins' unique stamina multiple scenes are repeatable in one go.

First choice in dating is:

  • Tavern: most of content.
  • Shack: she'll just screw you in a dirty room.

If you choose the tavern, after a rhetorical choice in dish (maybe you can try what she has) you get the next alternatives:

  • Drink more: you get drunk, and she is taking you right on the table, anybody can join. End of the date.
  • Go to bathroom: of course she's more interested in local suspicious holes in walls.
    • Meet her. From there you can meet her in the hole with either mouth, ass, or cock. The thing is it is the same choice for her, too. And you you never know what is waiting you.
      • Put mouth to it.
      • Put ass to it.
      • Put cock in it (requires not having “issues” with doing that).
        • Go again: return to the previous choice.
        • Open wide and beg (requires low purity/Catamete): make her drain those ladies in your hungry throat. Then you both leave.
        • Leave: leave the tavern.
    • Get her: just leave the tavern.
    • Leave her waiting: as you can expect, the glory hole can't stay unoccupied for long.
  • Hit the town: leave the tavern.

If you go outside with her once more, she'll make you decide on where should you two look for more privacy:

  • Alleyway: if you are prepared for a whole hour of mouth riding. But after that you will still have to choose one of the next ones.
  • Shack: again, a pretty straightforward screwing.
  • Inn (requires 5GP): and all night is yours.
    • Take the lead (Top 5 required):
      • Mount her (requires no chastity worn): she will return everything you give her to your mouth, and it continues until you drop senseless.
      • ”Mount her”: do it in cowgirl. And proceed to paint all the walls white.
    • Drop to your knees (low purity/Catamete required): get right to ending a scene.
    • ... She will dominate you with butt, the check in Ass Eater 2 following. Passing it you can satisfy her with the tongue alone. If you fail, she mounts your face for real, and you can:
      • Touch it, meaning yourself, while getting fed with goo.
      • Endure it. Any way you'll get ten loads down.

Picture Grid (Female)[]

Normal Anal Facesit
Anal-Bot Anal-Bot(X-ray) Mating Press
POV POV (Cock) POV (Facial)

Male Goblins[]

They're just attacking a player in an ordinary encounter. Losing to a single goblin with a butt plug equipped will make him reconsider and give Hiro's mouth a run (with POV artworks). Otherwise he will certainly go for a tighter fit, and then bring the MC to the goblin village for him to lose massive amounts of Dignity and Purity.

There's also a “Horde” encounter. You see two goblins, one of them has fun with a guy in a house. If you're going after another one in a forest, you meet a crowd of goblins. There's an option to Teach them the true meaning of friendship with Charisma 8. Or you'll actually receive a decent amount of food, in a cost of getting very, very owned. From one end, or both.

Picture Grid (Goblin Male)[]

Normal Anal Facesit
Anal-Bot Anal-Bot(X-ray) Mating Press
POV POV(Cock) POV(Facial)


  • Currently a bug exists where defeating a male Goblin gives 1 XP two times.