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The view on her voluptuous forms

A very, very big woman. A sect of the religion that worships Her specifically worships it, and with a good reason.

Most known length: 700 inches

Most known girth: 600 inches

Largest known ejaculation: 4000000.0 ml

The Giantess is an enormously large being that is residing in the Verdant Valley. She seems to be a real goddess who may take many forms, usually — of gigantic woman covered in land. She is benevolent, but also very amused with fertilizing the valley, which is not safe for humans nearby.

The player has to bypass the Giantess to get the treasure of 100 gold and the Gauntlet of Strength. There are no endings in this location. As a punishment for becoming her victim you will be force-returning to the beginning.

Verdant Valley path[]

First encounter[]

When Hiro is traversing the valley, one of the first tiles has the Perception 5 check. Passing it, the player can choose to Visit the local village and being... baptised. If he declines, locals make him into a witness of Giantess pleasuring herself, resulting in being washed away to the beginning of the location.

However, if the character fails the first check, it leads to meeting the Giantess and to a number of options:

  • Stand and fight: seriously?
  • Speak: and get eaten. Passing Agility check will slow the process.
  • Run and hide: but soon it will be tight in your shelter.
  • Climb her: starts the Agility 6 check, failing leads to going down.. the urethral path (with Agility 4 check). But if you did pass, you can climb:
    • Her face: she inhales you.
    • Her hand: which eventually ends up in her loincloth.
    • Her ass: she won't mind. Even welcomes you to go deeper.
    • Her dong: not the safest bet.

Second encounter[]

On the tile with a mountain you need your scouting level to be at least 2, or it's too late when you spot her having fun. If you passed this check, you can Observe from distance her wet dreaming, or Get in close, which won't end well.

Third encounter[]

When you reach the final tile of valley (and get the treasure), you can see the Giantess shrinked in size a bit. You're gonna be safely washed away to the beginning without wasting food, no matter which from the following options did you choose:

  • Run! Of course she's much faster, and she will tease you by pressing you with her foot.
  • Wait: she'll swallow you.
  • Sleep: in your sleep she comes to you, reduced to normal human size, to share the bed of clouds with you.
    • Touch her...: you're gonna get bred by goddess.
    • Touch her ass (requires no chastity worn).

Pervert Picture Grid[]

Normal Mouth POV
Hole Hole (Hiro)