Ghost spawns around the town of monsters and will appear as "Strange apparition" on the map.

Average length: 10 inches (25 cm)

Average girth: 8 inches (20 cm)

Average cum quantity: 10 ml


Ghost encounter varies between daytime and nighttime. You can choose to follow her or not, the latter will end the encounter. If you ever say no the ghost, she will fight you and if your magic is lower than 2 and it's nighttime, you will instantly lose.

At daytime :

She will ask for love.

You can either receive her love, leading up to buttsex, then she will ask you if you enjoyed it and if you want to marry her. If you say no she will attack you, but if you are polite enough (charisma:6) you can decline the marriage. If you accept it, you will be led to a game over scene where you experience your wedding night over and over. Note that after everytime of "showing her your love" you will get a perk point.

If you have enough charisma (6) you can give her your love, which she will gladly turn into a 69 then disappear.

Alternatively, to handle such a sticky situation at your advantage, you can also "Receive her love" / "Give her your love"(don't select "Receive it" / "Give it"), which will lead you to a choice between a mouthful and a facial. "Gulp a Ghost Goo" can help if you are short on food and it can be a better option than foraging if you feel at risk of a "Game over" by starvation. A facial seems without consequences on Purity and Dignity and you earn 2 XPs.

If you refuse, she will attack you.

During the nighttime, she will appear in her wraith form. She will think you are her long lost lover and ask you to apologize. You need at least 5 charisma to apologize, otherwise, she tries to possess you. If you have less than 2 magic you will become a possessed bandit whore, if not you will fight her. After apologizing, she asks for head then for ass. Saying no will result in a fight. Very much like daytime, she will then ask you if you enjoyed it and if you want to marry her. You need 5 charisma to politely decline the marriage.


The ghost is immune from physical attacks, the only way to beat her is through spell (ultra fire is really effective on her).

If you win, you'll end the encounter.

If you lose, your body will be possessed by her and become a bandit whore.

Picture Grid

Normal Gangbang Gangbang(Cum)
Gangbang(Possess) Gangbang(Cage) Gangbang(Cage/Cum)
Gangbang(Cage/Possess) Wedding Wedding(Cage)
??? ??? Oral
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