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Spirits of the dead can sometimes linger

An ancient royalty of some long-dead kingdom - brought low by sorrow that her marriage of convenience was a loveless one. Though her husband begrudgingly tried, he could not endure her love-making, and left her heart-broken, in much the same way that she left his ass broken.

The Ghost starts spawning around the Town of Monsters and will be marked as ”Strange presence” or ”Apparition” on the map. She is a spirit of once rejected bride that now is possessed by the idea of giving her love to every random victim. As a ghost she can choose the extent at which she affect the physical world, thus she can reach anywhere she wants while being able to ignore anything besides magic spells. So... if you happen to see a woman in white, don't follow her, especially if you spot the massive bulge on the crouch.


Ghost encounters vary between daytime and nighttime, but you can always choose to follow her or not, the latter will end the encounter. And if you ever Reject the Ghost, she will fight you. If your Magic is lower than 2 at the nighttime, you will instantly lose and have Game Over.

If you followed, at daytime she will ask for love, and you can:

  • Accept it, which leads to being taken from behind.
    • Answer positively when she asks if you enjoyed it a lot.
      • Politely (Charisma 5 required) decline marriage proposition.
      • Accept it, and you will be led to a Game Over scene where you experience your wedding night over and over.
    • Answer negatively and fight.
  • You can give her your love, which she will gladly turn into a 69, then disappear.
  • Decline

During the nighttime, she will appear in her wraith form. She will think you are her long lost lover and ask you to apologize. You need at least 5 charisma to apologize. She then asks for your head then for ass. Saying no will result in a fight each time. Very much like daytime, she will then ask you if you enjoyed it and if you want to marry her. You need 5 charisma to politely decline the marriage.


The ghost is immune to any physical attack, the only way to beat her is with using spells and some magic items (Ultra Fire is really effective on her). If you win, you'll end the encounter.

If you lose, your body will be possessed by her and become a bandit whore (Game Over and achievement).

Ghost Manor[]

In the Wastelands and so on you can find an abandoned manor. You're presented with the next choice:

  • Climb up the railing (with Agility 7)
  • Search for a way (with Perception 5)
  • Use magic (Magic 3 needed)
  • Give up and leave.

If you choose any of the options besides last one, you get to see long gone woman's wedding in this manor. Then you have to take part in this memory unfolding. You can choose ”Reject her” and get to fight a Ghost like the normal apparition with the same consequences if you lose, or you can ”Accept her” like your real wife. But then you'll have to share a bed with her the next possible ways:

  • Oral foreplay: turn her on with your mouth
    • Give in in Missionary or Cowgirl
  • Seduce right away to take you as bottom (requires Charisma 6)
    • In Missionary or Cowgirl
  • Seduce as top (requires Charisma 6 + Top 2 + no chastity worn): give her your love like a proper husband.

After any of the accepting scenarios you get one soul crystal ”as memento”.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Gangbang Gangbang(Cum)
Gangbang(Possess) Gangbang(Cage) Gangbang(Cage/Cum)
Gangbang(Cage/Possess) Wedding Wedding(Cage)
Wedding (Flaccid} Wedding (Cum) Wedding (Both
Oral Oral(X-Ray)