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In ToA food is an important resource that requires some explanation. Running out of food in the worst case can result in a Game Over. So, the player has to learn how to keep its level sufficient. As defeat in a battle won't lead to an instant Game Over in the majority of cases, the key for survival is feeding yourself.

How it's consumed[]

When some time passes in-game, you lose some of your food. Amount is dependent on your Metabolic Rate. Food is consumed in these cases:

  • you're moving to a tile on the overworld map: each time one quarter of a day passes and you spend the ration worth one Metabolic Rate;
  • you're scouting;
  • by resting when you want to recover health, either in overworld, city or your camp — technically even in an inn;
  • when other time-consuming actions are performed: you're taking a carriage to another settlement, or you're being taken hostage in a few encounter scenarios.

Starting as the Elfblood race and finding the Hunger Charm each reduce your Metabolic Rate by -1.

The Orcblood race has a +1 Metabolic Rate. Also the companions that stay in your camp will each add +1 to consumption: Kylira and Trudy (NOT Urka or Warlock).

How to get it[]

When you feel that you don't have enough food for your journey, you'll need to find more. There are various opportunities to acquire more food:

  1. Beginning Bonuses can provide you with some additional starting food;
  2. Sleeping in an inn is an efficient way of stocking food, as you get +40 of food for 10 gold, and can get as much as you are able to afford; but keep in mind there are no inns past Ironia you can sleep in;
  3. Food caches, that randomly appear on some tiles in overworld, can give you up to +30 food, but you have to spot them, then open them with scouting level 3, otherwise you get less;
  4. Buying food from travelling merchants;
  5. Foraging, the last case scenario. When your food reaches 0 and you move on the overworld, a random forage encounter begins. They can range from felling a deer and gaining food to being forced to have sex for a meal. Can lead to a game over if you're unlucky and have 3 ranks in Beastmaster. The Forager perk increases your chances for a positive result.

Finding food in encounters[]

Finally, there are various encounters where you can pass certain checks will reward you with food:

  • Dryad each time you meet her can give you +20 food through a Charisma check or Slut option;
  • Kylira will offer you food the first two times you meet;
  • Trudy gives you food twice;
  • Urka can give you some food after you defeat her and meet again but you will also drink and... do other stuff;
  • Centaur, if you can defeat her, is a good source of food as she will invite you to eat with them and give you food after you defeat her again;
  • once you enter the spider ruins, with Perception 6 you can find both gold and food;
  • in the Mossy Expanse and beyond you can steal up to two eggs (+20 food each) with Agility checks of 6 and 8 from Flocking Harpy, but you need to defeat her;
  • Ettin, when Sleeping has meat that you can eat three different ways earning 20, 40 or 200 food, but there will be checks in Agility and Perception, and some reduce Dignity and Purity dramatically.
  • Swallowing cum will usually lead to gaining small amounts of food, but if your partner is large or high in stamina you can get a decent amount.