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A spirit of fire, concerned with nothing but spreading its flame. Coalescing power over the eons, they possess a human-like intelligence, but little concern for human frailty. Incredibly dangerous.

The Fire Elemental is a force of nature who is not much concerned with human lifes, barely containing itself, and willing for someone else to contain her boiling flame. She seeks a vessel, and Hiro looks just suitable to her needs. The hottest part of her body is a stony sack. So keep away... or just be very careful.


The Fire Elemental is a dangerous foe and even more dangerous lover. It takes a careful choosing when playing with this fire. When meeting her, you have following options:

  • Sorry, I'm just not that into you: starting a fight with her.
  • You light a fire in me (requires: low purity or a catamete perk). Safer options.
    • Call me a fire eater: blowjob. She'll give you a chance to avoid... serious burn.
      • Let her finish on your face
      • Keep sucking on it, like a proper slu... vessel
        • Suck to taste her load
        • Deepthoat to get it right into the bowels
    • Fuck me, you wildfire: to warm your gut.
      • Cowgirl
      • Reverse cowgirl
      • Face to face: spread those legs and let her hammer you the way she wants it. When it's time for her to release the fire, she will ask how hot you can handle it:
        • ”Not too hot!” She will then ask you to cool her shaft in your mouth
          • Lick
          • Don't lick: she just slides her hot butt over your face.
        • ”As hot as it gets” — High Lust required, and if you didn't receive the Fire Resistance perk from the Warlock, it's the last foolish choice of yours. But if you did, she'll propose a marriage to you, which, if accepting, leads to a Game Over with your new very beautiful, but very unsuitable for your anatomy wife.
    • Maybe I can stock your fire: if you have Top 2, Charisma 7 and of course a something to stock with.
    • I eat ass (Charisma 5 required). She pins you to the wall and gets her enjoyment without putting any magma inside you. Win-win?..
    • Remain silent (chastity cage worn). She'll release her sticky magma on it.
  • Talk. Basically for offering Trudy to her.

In combat she constantly casts Ultra Fire, so you'll certainly get some damage. That means you'll want to destroy her health as quickly as possible, and probably trip her before she goes out of Deep Casting stance. Arousing her is a very bad idea, leading to a Game Over to be precise, when she suddenly summons a monstrous strength and literally blasts Hiro's mouth. So is losing: you can taunt her — to just be incinerated on place — or choose to satisfy her the three different ways, each one — with fatal results to your intensities.

Picture Grid[]


- Encounter


- When choosing to fuck, ask for a face to face

Anal (Hot)
Anal (Cum) Standing

- Surrender and choose to stay standing

Standing (X-Ray)

-By losing and choosing it