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Ettin is an another servant of the DemonKing which is instructed to block the path for heroes. They are a ettin, a two headed ogre, which is constantly arguing to themselves. One head has fiery temper, she's rush and prefers oral. Another one likes taking from behind, gloomy and is constantly annoyed by the ”sister”.


With a stealth 3 it's possible to avoid them and sneak past. Ettin starts chasing the character, so he has three choices:

  • Parkour with Agility 6
  • Sprint with Endurance 5
  • Jump off a cliff, which results in a -30 health, if failing the check deliberately — passing out and being violated.

Keep in mind that if you aren't stealthy enough, when they spot you, you can only choose getting pounded if your Purity is 0. Otherwise you can just run past them with Agility 9. You can choose to fight them, but note that loosing means giving up 400 Dignity and a lot of Purity. Winning earns 20 experience.

You can talk, and convince them to let you pass for a favor, and choose either working your bottom, or more recommended blowjob — though if you fail the Endurance 4 check and puke, they'll go after bottom, too. Better not asking them who is in charge and then telling they're both ugly. That leads to a guaranteed delivery at the backdoor, — and to a Game Over if you choose not to apologize untill the end.

Sleeping Ettin[]

Can be encountered in the Wastelands. Them both are sleeping, and you have the next choice:

  • Wake red (required Agility 3 + low purity/catamete perk): you give her a head while trying not to wake another.
  • Wake blue (required Agility 3 + low purity/catamete perk): you are serving her big shaft with your naked body while also trying not to wake another.
  • Wake both: you can either fight them or... agree to make it up for them.
    • Suck, with all the consequences coming from making an ogre do it twice.
    • Kiss balls (Charisma 4 required).
    • Ride them
  • Wake nither (requires Perception 4): you look around while they're sleeping. This leads to finding a stuck piece of meat.
    • Take it: with Agility 7 you can go away with 40 food gained. If you fail, it's a fight.
    • Wait
      • Ask them to share a meal (Charisma 5 requires). You'll receive 20 food.
      • Stay silent. You'll become a witness of one of the heads... masturbating on this meat and then covering it in her goo.
        • Leave this meat as hopelessly wasted.
        • Eat it anyway... The sheer fact you agreed on this will cost you -25 Purity and -200 Dignity. But this gives you the whole 200 food points. Also Hiro gets aroused.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Anal Oral
Oral (Wet) Oral (Cum) Oral (Cum2)