Tales of Androgyny Wiki

Scenarios that will end the walkthrough. You'd want to avoid them if you didn't save beforehand, or you play in Ironman mode. On this page Game Overs are sorted by tables according to the map where it's possible to earliest obtain them. If it's marked with *, you will complete achievements by getting those Endings.


From enemies[]

End Criteria
Retire with Harpy Winning against the normal breed, no chastity, choosing her ass, and then retire.
Harpy Wife * Lose enough times to gain Cuckoo for Cuckoo (3) and lose again if needed.
Werewolf Bitch * Get knotted anally in a battle or outside and earn Bitch (3), lose if needed.
Oral Werewolf Bitch Get knotted orally in battle to gain Knot Lover (3) until Game Over.
Centaur Marriage * Gain Equestrian (3) by submitting or losing to Centaur, than raise affection with and marry one of them.
Queen * Choose pussy and surrender to Drow Beast Mistress, choose options for receiving kitten. Gain Beastmaster (3) until ending.
Ogre Wife * Get Ogre impale the character three times to get Size Queen (3), and lose to them.
Marry the ghost bride At night follow Ghost -> Apologize -> Perform oral -> Show her your ass to receive anal > Say it was good for you-> Accept proposal. Day is similar.
Bandit meat receptacle * Refuse Ghost proposal, lose battle.
Class change to ”Bunny” Fail to pay Bank debt twice, lose battle.
Spiders Nursery * Come to Ruins either barefooted or losing the battle. Have no eggs in your stomach. Fail both final checks for escaping.
Naga's Personal Toy Pass scouting check 3 with Naga, but lose her battle.
Broken Toy Get in battle with either Naga or Quetzal, let them start grappling, and than lose.
Hero Sacrifice Attack Quetzal without finding Goddess' Blessing, or lose to her.


End Criteria
Locked Up * Anal Addict (3) and fail Willpower check when talking to Strange Merchant.
Perfect Toy * Anal Addict (3) + chastity cage + gag + plug equipped when talking to Strange Merchant.
Innkeep's Wife Ask for staying in the Silajam inn either having not enough money, or lying about it (requires low purity/catamete perk + Charisma 3). Repeat three times in total. Fourth time you shall ask it's Game Over.
Gokkun * Force to deepthoat Daisy or Rose, twice. In the morning go to Town Square. Either wear Ring Gag there, or fail a check. When the option to pretend reshackling yourself comes, choose another.
Seat of Power * Ask the Brothel Madame about odd jobs. When you giggle, say it's because her chair is creeking, than call her fat.
Complicated Pair Finish the Brothel Madame questlines and do with her everything she ”likes doing for fun”. Then ask her for a marriage and choose whatever is needed.
Responsible Customer Complete all quests for the Brothel Madame. Hire Lupa four times (it will cost 20 gold every time) and than agree to take responsibility.
Tadpoles Nursery Wearing no chastity, choose to give it to Mermaid, then get egged. Give birth, and with low purity/catamete perk marry her.

Mossy Expanse[]

End Criteria
Dark Ritual Meet Cultists while being anally virgin. Choose drinking wine. Then find the Temple and enter.
Brave and stupid Have some Purity left and talk to [[Ettin]. Ask them who's in charge, say they're both ugly. Refuse to apologize.
Don't play with fire Meet Fire Elemental and seduce her in battle, until it's over.
Weakness is undoing Lose to Fire Elemental, choose any scene — outcome is the same.
Look before you leap With low purity/catamete perk ask her for a pounding, choose face to face. Have High Lust, and choose as hot as it gets, but have no resistance.
Bad Love With low purity/catamete perk ask her for a pounding, choose face to face. Have High Lust + Fire Resistance, and choose as hot as it gets. Agree for proposal.
Dark Knight Pet Meet the Dark Knight specifically in the Mossy Expanse. Have zero dignity or just fail check.
Dark Knight Humiliation Lose to the Dark Knight (surrendering won't necessarily lead to a Game Over).


End Criteria
Replacement Meet Naga (Mating), agree to play, lose combat.

Demon King Realm[]

Exclusively filled by the DemonKing for now.

End Criteria
Legendary Failure Lose to Demon King, and just submit; or with enough Charisma blow her.
It came in handy Lose to Demon King, be anally virgin, and ask to spare it.
Royal blower Meet Demon King, have no Willpower and fail Perception 7 check
Legendary Whore Pass Willpower check. Hear her out and submit. Choose her.
Second Hand Pass Willpower check. Hear her out and submit. Choose her general.
Favorite Consoler Pass Willpower check. Tell her her tail is nice, and it's cute. Have Charisma 8.
Royal booty Pass Willpower check. Tell her her tail is nice, and it's cute. Fail Charisma check and say it's lovely.
Ever wanted a tail? Pass Willpower check. Tell her her tail is nice, and it's cute. Fail Charisma check and say it's petite.
It sure is Pass Willpower check. Tell her her tail is thick.