Tales of Androgyny Wiki
End Criteria
Locked Up Anal Addict (3) and fail willpower check when talking to Strange Merchant.
Perfect Toy Anal Addict (3) + chastity cage + gag + plug when talking to Strange Merchant.
Agree to marry the ghost bride Follow Ghost -> Apologize -> Perform oral -> Show her your ass to receive anal > Say it was good for you-> Accept proposal
Agree to marry the inn keeper Claim you dont have funds to stay at inn (Needs slut and Charisma 3). Repeat twice more to get marriage option
Class change to "Bunny" Fail to pay debt twice.
Harpy Wife Become harpy wife (Fail cuckoo for cuckoo after being defeated by one)
Bandit meat receptacle Refuse ghost proposal
Mermaid nursery Marry Mermaid (Needs Free cock initially to reach this option)
Ogre wife Loose to ogre, have low endurance (prevent recovery)

Not listed: Fire Elemental Slut Anal (Receptive) with Fire Resistance Perk Marriage, Spider Loss Marriage (must not have eggs inside you), Dark Knight Pet Ending (0 Dignity/Purity when encountering them),