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The Dullahan is a creature always appearing near the bridges all across the world. She's woman like and looks pretty dead. Her posture is standing while holding her head on her left hand and bone whip on the other. The Dullahan also prefers dark and unwelcome landscapes. But don't be intimidated: she actually has a gentle personality, likes making jokes, not to mention how beautiful is her face and how much fun she can have with it, being detached. Also with her impressive bulge down there. She's a bit insecure because no human before agreed on getting romantic with her.



If your stealth is 3, you can get to the bridge unnoticed. If you did, you are presented with a choice:

  • Steal head: requires Agility 5. This will decrease her affection by -5. Note you won't be able to date anymore after doing this a few times.
    • Play keepaway: you'll know from her that her body is acting on its own when they're apart, and that it loves abusing boys. Trudy then will know that the hard way if he's in your team.
      • Throw it into the river: do that, and her body will take advantage of both of your holes.
      • Return
    • Return head: you'll be a able to talk (same as fuck, see below) or leave safely.
  • Watch: you will see how she's using her own head for pleasure, with artworks. +3 XP
  • Leave


If you did not avoid notice, she will be waiting for you at the bridge. You can choose either:

  • Fight
  • Fuck: some carefree chatting comes before the next choice.
    • Give it to her (no chastity + Top 2 required)
    • Take it (requires low purity/catamete perk)
      • Stay the course: get it right in the backdoor. Checks for a hole being tight and Anal Addict score 3 follow.
        • She'll ask you to be her girlfriend. You can answer you're not a girl, or accept and be able to start the date next time you meet.
      • Give her head: Blowjob Expert 3 check follows. If you fail it, she can:
        • Finish it with own autofellatio
        • Let you try a bit more
    • Be deflowered (requires anal virginity): she'll be gentle.
      • She will also ask you to start dating.
    • Change your mind: return to initial options.
  • Faust: you will lose 20 experience points.
  • Flee and lose some food while crossing the river.


If you've chosen to be her girlfriend, in your next encounter if you fail stealth check you'll meet her and have next options:

  • Fight
  • Talk (same as previous ”fuck”)
  • Date (requires 5 gold)
  • Flee

If you choose dating (and didn't lose her affection), you'll go together into an inn, where you'll have something to eat, and you can choose to Tease her, meaning you make her hard with a handy. There's next choice then:

  • Have some soup: take her load under the table.
  • Let her handle this: there are no technical issues to use her own head, you know.
  • Let the innkeep handle this: want a thrill? She'll leave a leaking mess down there right under everyone's nose.

After that, or if you've chosen to keep it for later, you get the private room until the morning. There you can Call it a night and just cuddle until you fall asleep, or Service her, which leads to giving head, and:

  • Finish her off (no chastity worn): she'll dump her load in Hiro's mouth and then use her own head to pleasure him in return.
  • Hug the pillow: get stuffed from behind.


She's relatively weak. Conditions to end the fight with Dullahan:

  • Win
  • Lose
  • Surrender
  • Drunk
  • Get her drunk

Picture Grid[]

Normal Anal Anal alt
Self Face Fuck Self Face Fuck (Cum) Kiss
Kiss (alt) Kiss (Bedroom)