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Dullahan is a headless humanoid creature who always appear near bridge in all across the map. Her posture is standing while holding her head on her left hand and bone whip on the other hand. She actually has a very shy and gentle personality.


Upon meeting her, there will be a check if you avoided notice or not. If you did, you are presented with a choice:

  • Steal head
  • Watch
  • Leave

Upon stealing her head, you will lose 5 relationship points with her(?), and you can decide to run away for longer. If you Trudy is your companion, the head will tell you he's found the Dullahan's body, and they have sex. If you throw the head in the river, the body will have its way with you. If you return the head, you're offered to "Talk".

Watching results in pictures 6 and 7 of her pleasuring herself, and gets 5 EXP.

If you did not avoid notice, she will be waiting for you at the bridge. You can choose either:

  • Fight
  • Fuck
  • Faust
  • Flee

Will gain experience point if choose to fight her whether win or lose but will unlock sex scene when lose.

If choose to fuck, she will invite to chat with her first and you will be given this choices:

  • Give it to her ( Require: Free cock + top 2 )
  • Take it ( Require: Slut )
  • Be deflowered ( Require: Virgin )
  • Change your mind

Choose take it will lead to another two choices:

  • Stay the course
  • Give her head

If choose to stay the course can trigger another choice to be her girlfriend (Require: Free cock ) or not while choose give her head can trigger check blowjob expert and she can show auto fellatio.

If upon meeting her choose Faust, you will lose 20 experience points and if choose flee you still can pass the area but will lose some food.

If you choose to be her girlfriend, you will encounter her again. You get four more options

  • Fight
  • Talk
  • Date (Require: 10G)
  • Flee

The Talk or Date options can lead to sex.


Conditions to end the fight with Dullahan::

  • Win
  • Loss
  • Surrender
  • Drunk
  • Get her drunk

Picture Grid[]

Normal Anal
Anal (X-ray) Anal alt
Anal alt (X-ray) Self face fuck Self face fuck (cum)