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One of the opponents you encounter early on. Second level scout reveals ”Beast”. She is a mysterious elf riding a panther and having a bird and a snake pets, who is talking about her origin in an underground realm, ability of easily fitting into right spaces, and that she is already bounded with a character. First map has a normal encounter, later on Beastmistress also can catch your in a trap.


When having a normal encounter, you'll be given a riddle of two choices. ”Snake” is obviously leading to getting an ache in your back (has own artwork). ”Pussy” leads to a battle, very basic. Note that she can be won just by arousing her, but after that there's an Agility 4 check, failing means further trouble for a character. If you win, you can ”go spelunking” in her cave, though she tricks you to not be able to finish.

If you lose, you'll have the next choices:

  • (Your Beastmaster perk rank is 1 or higher)
    • The elf: accepting her in
    • The kitty: here goes her panther pet
  • No perk
    • Meow: accepting her
    • Door number two: her panther

Ending with panther gives you ”Beastmaster”. Having rank 3 of this perk and losing will be a Game Over, or you can use up 1 Willpower, and get away.

Another type of encounter is a ”Trap” and starting with two checks in Perception, passing only one of them means getting a check in Agility 9 to avoid being trapped, and start the battle instead. If you fail though, it's a check in Charisma 5 and Agility 5 to pledge with an elf and offer sucking her off, which leads to a three day abuse in her underground home (-92 food, and a lot of trouble). Failing all the checks means getting a kitty down the drain.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Doggy Doggy (Cum)
Doggy (X-Ray) Doggy (X-Ray Cum) Doggy (Cage)
Doggy (Cage Cum) Doggy (Cage X-Ray) Doggy (Cage X-Ray Cum)
Kitty Kitty (X-Ray) Kitty (Cum)