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Doppelganger is a humanoid creature with a bit inhuman behavior (no blinking or talking) that can mimic player character and can be found in Enchanted Forest in Mossy Expanse and so on.


Upon meeting you can choose either:

  • Fight
  • Fuck (no chastity worn)
  • Flee

Note that any penetration and stuffing you do on Dopelganger is applied to you (currently this works only outside of battle).

Losing a fight against it will give you an artwork and a choice in how it takes you:

  • Flip: face the ground.
  • Face it: with artwork.

Winning will give you basically the same choices:

  • Why not (no chastity worn)
  • Um.. Nah

Combat outcomes[]

  • Surrender
  • Dominated
  • Satisfied (Orally)
  • Satisfied
  • Win
  • Loss

Picture Grid[]

Normal Frottage Anal
Anal (Cum) Frottage (Cage) Anal (Cage)
Anal (Cum Cage)