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The ruler of her own kingdom and master of many minions Hiro've met on his way — the Dullahan, the Minotauress, the Ettin, the Jester, the Catgirl, the Tentacle Witch, and the Dark Knight. The Demon King herself is a large dragon with the demonic beauty of succubi. Her presence is drying hot, and so are her... fluids. She is incredibly strong and also incredibly smug having heard of the player from her servants. Defeating her is a main goal in the game, that gives you a ”Victory” screen.


The Demon King is found in the far end of the Demon King Realm. When reaching her castle, many of her serves will silently give you a way. Castle itself isn't much of a fortification and has large gardens with the tempting aroma in the air, reminding of brothel.

Approaching Demon King with a low Willpower (or just failing deliberately) will result in a Game Over — unless you pass a Perception (7) check following, being too smart to just give a head. Leads to a facial and leaving, changing class to her servant. If you can break her mind controlling attempt, you'll get the following choices:

  • Let's do this: starting a battle.
  • Hear her out
    • Fight
    • Submit
      • Her alone or a two-way with her general.
  • Nice tail
    • It's cute — Charisma 8 check following. Passing, you convince her to ride you, but ultimately just end up pleasing her as a woman obediently. Game Over. If failing, you just get the next choices.
      • It's lovely: she will sit on your face with an artwork. Game Over.
      • It's petite: she starts tailing your hole while sucking on your ”tail”. Game Over.
    • It looks powerful: same as Hear her out.
    • It's fat: a Game Over. What did you expect?


The main concerns when battling the Demon King are her health and her sheer strength. She has 250 health points and a guaranteed heal with Demonic Power, so actually it is 500 health. There's no middle section armor though. After Reel Back she either goes for Haymaker, Called: Foot or Called: Head, which you can avoid with Combat Dodge, or interrupt with Overrun/Slide (but she doesn't lack in stability). It's generally a good idea to keep her on lower stability. Try to stack Bleed effect, as it will be a long fight, and you easily can get past score 20. Healing magic comes in handy.

If she defeats the player in combat, it's a Game Over. Hiro can still choose the way it goes:

  • Convince her to be good with a blowjob (Charisma 6)
  • Ask to spare virginity (not finished yet; requires ??? + anal virginity)
  • Just lay down and receive it
  • ... (requires never having been kissed). She makes you stand on kness and gives you a choice:
    • Give it a kiss. And not only kiss, of course.
    • Don't kiss. She'll make you work your tongue inside her hole then. But in the end she lets you finally decide which way you serve her forever:
      • Kiss them
      • Tongue her ass

If Hiro wins, she is just going to disappear, and it is a Victory with 50 EXP and 200 food given, though you can return later and reencounter her.

Picture Grid (outdated)[]

Normal POV POV (Cock)
POV (Oral) Facesit Spitroast
Suspended Cowgirl