Tales of Androgyny Wiki

In-Game Description[]

The dark knight, feared servant of the Demon King.

Before encountering her in Mossy Expanse (second map)[]

To unlock more scenes of her, follow these steps:

(If you want to enter battle with her in the future, be sure to save beforehand because doing these will give you automatic "Game Over" when you encounter her in second map.)

  • Go to tavern in Town of Monsters
  • Take up space at the bar
  • Talk to the intimidating lady
  • Get swept away
  • Ask to go back
  • Get on the table for her

There will be a check of anal virginity during the scene, which will give you different text if you pass.

Encountering her in Mossy Expanse[]

Upon encountering her, there will be a dignity check. If you pass, you will be directed to battle. But if you fail, it will give you "Game Over".

Battle has 3 outcomes:

Win: It may seem hard at start but it's totally possible to win. Hypnosis or paralysis skills will give you huge advantage since she can't attack in those skills' duration. Also you will really need healing skills. If you have Kylira as companion, you will get healed one time. When she uses Reel Back, be ready to deal with a Grand Strike(? Slam) that will do heavy damage. You can interrupt this with a Slide or attempt to Overrun, Evade or Block it. Disarming her will limit her damage, which also allows you to interrupt her Equip if you can Slide or Overrun during this.

Surrender or Loss: Texts will be different at the start according to which you get. Also there will be checks "if your ass is tight", "if you are an anal virgin", "if you are a total virgin". Passing or failing them will give you different texts.


  • The Catgirl will talk about the Dark Knight, if you ask, which leads to her discussing how they look under their armour.