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The dark knight, feared servant of the Demon King.

General of dark forces and an exceptional warrior who often forgets of foreplaying. She's very aggressive and uncaring. Being absolutely confident in her skills and mind controlling techniques, Dark Knight just does whatever is on her mood. Usually it involves turning heroes into her mindless toys for merciless thrashing. There's no way to break this confidence, but many ways of falling her victim.


Town of Monsters[]

Even before getting to know who she is you meet the Dark Knight in a tavern drinking. Sit next to her, and she'll straight up ask how you're gonna serve her. You'll need a Willpower to resist her magnetism. Even then you still can go out with her and just give in.

To unlock more scenes of wild hot dark haired girl ramming Hiro, follow these steps, but note that it causes a very long humiliating scene when you encounter her in next location:

  • Go to tavern in Town of Monsters
  • Take up space at the bar
  • Talk to the intimidating lady
  • Get swept away
  • Ask to go back
  • Get on the table for her

There will be a check of anal virginity during the scene, which will give you a different text if you pass.

Mossy Expanse[]

She's gonna wait after the Jester and before the Outpost. Upon encountering her, there will be a Dignity (>0) check. If you pass, you'll be directed to a battle. But if you fail and fail the Willpower check, it is a Game Over.

If you got “close„ with her in the second town, you inevitably get humiliated by her for a very long time, and used in both holes.

If you didn't, she will attack you and do the same if you are defeated (though with a good build made with Beginning Bonuses in Adventure mode she can be really just an ordinary encounter for you).

Battle: In the Story mode it becomes a serious challenge which needs a specific preparation (full day of first training, fighting in all the available fights), build, and strategy. The Dark Knight has double the health compared to you. When she uses Reel Back, be ready to duck the next turn to dodge the Grand Slam, or it will deal a huge damage. After that an Uppercut skill is very useful to start offence once again. Successfully Disarming her (you need Parry and Disarm skills) will further limit the damage inflicted on you. Be sure to use Armor Crusher, additional Sunderer perk comes in handy. If you use magic, Hypnosis or Paralysis will give you a huge advantage since she can't attack in those skills' duration. Also you'll really need the healing skills (if you have Kylira as a companion, you will get healed one time).

Scrambled Eggs is a unique outcome of her battle. When you don't wear any type of legs armor, like skirts, after the Reel Back she will use a low kick in the groin area. After that she pounces the defenseless character from behind.

Waking Lands[]

Second encounter with her happens in the middle-end of this map. If you fail a check in stealth, she'll want to use Hiro's throat to satisfy her momentary urges. If you agree (needs low Purity, or Catamite), there will be an artwork, and you'll know that it really is a routine to her using heroes as the convenient holes. You can choose fighting instead (requires Willpower).

If your stealth is at level 3, she will still spot you and think you're just hiding your lust in the bushes. Choosing Submit (requires Low Purity/catamite perk) will lead to a Game Over. Otherwise you can just fight. You can also call Trudy, and during his quest you can agree for a threesome (receiving).

Battle outcomes are different this time. By winning you further annoy her, but she leaves again. Scrambled Eggs also can happen. If you Surrender, she makes you suck her balls; if you Lose, she forces rimming on you. Losing or surrendering leads to a next choice:

  • Obey and be her slave. Game Over.
  • Disobey and get pounded, but continue the journey.

DemonKing Realm[]

During the conversation with the Demon King, if you talk to her and agree to become a whore, there's a choice to be handled to another one mistress, no other than the Dark Knight. It leads to a two way with them (with an artwork) and then a Game Over where you are her slave.

Pervert Picture Grid[]

Normal Frotage Anal
Anal (Deep) Anal (Side) Doggy
Doggy (Stroke) Doggy (Lust) Doggy (Choke)


  • The Catgirl can talk about the Dark Knight, if you ask, and she will discuss how stunning she looks under her armor and that she wouldn't mind to be her slave.
  • The Dark Knight is somewhat similar in appearance to the DemonKing, and she has the similar ability to tempt people with her appearance alone. As it's said that she leaves an inhuman impression, it may be not without a reason to assume she similarly had Succubi in her bloodline (speculation). Though her eyes are of human color.