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Cultists can be encountered in the Mossy Expanse. If it's the daytime, you come across a campsite, where you can wait for the night, and witnesses their ritual orgy (gaining a little food by foraging). If it's already the night, you can pass the stealth check and watch (or fail, so they're fleeing). You will be inevitably caught, and then the priestess offers you the wine. You can either:

  • Drink it
  • Pour it out, and make a run for it.

If accepted, you will then awaken in a golden pig device inside of which the priestess is using you, having rather plentiful orgasm. She will then summon the dark goddess, a scaly dragon-like demon much taller than you, to have her way with your bottom. Impact on your dignity will be significant. You will awaken afterward fully clothed, and unscathed.

Lewd Order[]

If you had your anal Virginity whe the dark goddess came in you, you can go to to the temple in the middle of the Mossy Expanse, where you will encounter the cult again. You will witness their leader, who has taken on the spirit of the dark goddess. The cult members will strap you to the stone altar, and the leader will violate you, wanting you to spill your seed onto the altar for the completion of the ritual. After the ritual is complete, it's a Game Over.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Ritual Ritual (Demon)