In-Game Description

The centaurs are famed for their archery skills, their dominance for the plains - for some clans, their brutality, and for others, their temperance. Centaur society has very strict codes of conduct, and centaur cocks are the size of... well, the phrase is "hung like a horse", innit?


Centaurs can usually be found near the spawning area and will appear in "Plains" terrain on the minimap.


If your stealth level is at 3 or above you will miss her.

If you are an anal virgin, a unicorn will appear instead of a centaur and you will directly enter in a fight against her, the only options to win this encounter is beating it, losing all your hp or surrendering.

If you're not and you are not slutty enough, she will give you three options:

-Fight her

-Decline (Leave)

-Ask for it (buttsex or blowjob)

If you get sexual with the centaur (not the unicorn), the next time you'll meet her, she will invite you to the centaur camp, if you accept and are slutty enough you will get gangbanged by them. If you get gangbanged you will go back to the overworld, if not she will give you three options. As if you didn't go to the centaur camp.


If you lose or surrender: rough anal sex.

If you win you can either suck/ride or leave.

Game Over

If you lose against a centaur with equestrian 3 (you gain +1 equestrian stat each time you get fucked in the ass by a centaur) you will be brought as a mare to the centaur camp. Losing all your gold in the process.

There you will have two actions that will succeed: work and spare time.

Work will give you a little bit of money each time.

During spare time, you have several choices. You can be a public whore to gain extra money, you can date a female or date a male centaur. You can marry one of them after riding with her/him three times. You can also buy your name back (thus freeing you from the centaur camp) and a horse dildo, each for 10 golds.

Picture Grid (Centaur)

Normal Anal Anal (X-ray)
Anal (Cage) Anal (Cum) Oral
Orgy Cock Top
Top (Cum)

Picture Grid (Unicorn)


- Encounter on plains


- Lose

Anal (X-ray)

- Lose

Anal (Cum) Anal (Cage) Top

- Win battle

- Free Cock option

Top (Cum)

- Win battle

- Free Cock option

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