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The centaurs are famed for their archery skills, their dominance for the plains - for some clans, their brutality, and for others, their temperance. Centaur society has very strict codes of conduct, and centaur cocks are the size of... well, the phrase is "hung like a horse", innit?

The Centaurs can be found starting from the spawning area and will appear in ”Plains” terrain. They're proud territorial warriors who give weaklings a choice to leave their habitat in peace. Those who lose to them they'll gladly use as ”mares”. There's a unique breed — Unicorn, a Centaur attracted exclusively to those who keep their anal virginity, with particular intent of stealing it.



With stealth 3 it's possible to go unspotted. Otherwise, — when you still have an anal virginity — instead of ordinary Centaur you'll encounter a Unicorn. She'll start a battle, and the only option for winning is to defeat her, though she's weaker than other Centaurs. If you win, you can either take her ass virginity, pleasure her anyway (low purity or Catamete perk required), or leave. Loosing means being ”deflowered”.

Picture Grid (Unicorn)[]

Normal Anal

- Lose or ask for it

Anal (X-ray)
Anal (Cum) Anal (Cage) Top

- Win battle, no chastity worn

Top (Cum)


If you fail the stealth 3 check and are not slutty, she will give you the three options:

  • Fight her
  • Go away
  • Ask for it (low purity/Catamete; you can blow her or actually take this thing inside).
  • Another option is for Kylira's quest.

If you have low purity, you'll go for the third right away, or you'll have to spend a Willpower point. After doing it with the Centaur, by losing in battle or voluntary, you gain one rank in Equestrian perk. When you meet the Centaur with at least 1 in this perk (or after winning once), you'll be able to visit their camp and get some free food, then you basically get the previous choice. If you fight and win, you're given even more food. Beware that if you get Equestrian 3, you're going to get yourself a delayed Game Over, and the achievement.


Centaur may be a bit tough for the beginner. They start with shooting arrows which can deal 22 damage. Having a shield, you can just stay in Block until they get out of ammo, because arrows can't damage shields. Lying on the ground is also an option. When you win, she gives you a bow as a sign of respect, or arrows if you have it already. Then you have basically the same choice as with Unicorn: take her from behind, serve her 18 inches if you're slutty, or leave. When you lose... well, it's an orgy with Hiro being in main menu.

Game Over[]

If you lose against a Centaur with Equestrian 3 (which you also gain by losing or going for their dongs on purpose), you will be brought as a mare to the isolated centaur camp, losing all your gold in the process. The game will continue, but if you don't have a scroll to return to the Silajam, Hiro will never continue his journey.

Every night you go for a ”work” and get one of the two scenes of eagerly satisfying Centaur males. Each time you will get 1 GP. Every day you have several choices how to utilize a spare time:

  • You can spend it servicing a female or male Centaur. After doing this for about five times with one of them you can get married, thus finally getting the Game Over.
  • You can be a public whore, having fun with Centaurs in the town, receiving 5GP at the end of the day.
  • Just some help in the camp, you get 1GP.
  • Buy your name back for 10GP you earned. They'll call you Hiro from now on. Does it change much? Hardly.
  • Buy a horse dildo you can equip in the plug slot. 10GP.

Picture Grid (Centaur)[]

Normal Anal

-Lose or ask for it

Anal (X-ray)
Anal (Cage) Anal (Cum) Oral

-Ask for it or camp






-Win and first choice

Top (Cum)